Singer Pink says she had COVID-19; gives $1 mil to relief funds


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Well done ! And thanks. In these troubled times the world needs more kind-hearted people who have compassion and love to spread.

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Never heard of her. Clearly I'm out of touch.

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@Ah_so: are you really young? Because she was pretty popular in the 90s, and despite I wasn't a huge fan of her, almost all her most popular songs are catchy and way better than most of the garbage produced today.

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An example of her style


Classic but good American pop that we get barely today.

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Never was a fan. She was part of the generation that started with the tattoo expression thing. Used to be reserved for ex cons or military vets etc but then everybody started doing it. Doesnt look so appealing on a woman IMO as they age but their choice.

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@TheLongTermer: except for the tattoo, her looks was really the same of the typical lolita pop star in the 90s, like Britney Spears and others.


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Brilliant perfomer and songwriter. Well worth a listen. And aware of the needs of others too, which is really important.

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Yeah I like her music. She’s one of the few performers of her time that I would turn the volume up for.

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I agree with the last two comments. She was really good, despite not one of my personal female favourite artists (about that period, I was a huge fan of Tori Amos for example). But compared to most of today "artists", Pink was really a good performer. I think I was lucky to be a teen during the 90s...

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Good on her. I hope that Governments encourage such actions by making these types of donations Tax deductible.

Why aren't the money gobbling promoters such as Sony, and others doing more ? If a Singer can donate that amount then their label surely do x10 as much ?

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I thought most of her big hits came in the 2000’s

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Yeah she was really just starting out in the late ‘90s but her biggest hits were after 2000.

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What I do know is that she and Christina Aguilera do NOT get along.

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Failure of her government, yet she benefits from said failure as of course rich and famous go to the front of the line for testing.

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Not a fan. Too pop for me, and she is different from the other pop tarts simply by her 'mean' image. She's got only one song I think it's so-so, it's a pseudo- Velvet Underground rip-off. The only 'Pink' for me has a second name - 'Floyd'.

Anyway, she's doing a great thing here. I'm glad she survived it and I commend her for this action.

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