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Singer-songwriter Eiichi Ohtaki dies after collapsing at home


Singer-songwriter Eiichi Ohtaki died Monday night in a Tokyo hospital after collapsing at home. He was 65.

Japanese media reported that Ohtaki, who was born in Iwate Prefecture, was eating an apple at his home in Tokyo at around 5 p.m. Monday when he suddenly choked. He was taken to hospital in an ambulance but died soon after arrival, Sports Nippon reported. Doctors said the cause of death was a dissecting aneurysm.

Ohtaki got his start with rock band Happy End but became more prominent when he left the band to go solo. He achieved notable success with his 1981 album "A Long Vacation," which was the first Japanese album to be released on CD, according to Wikipedia.

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Usually this time of year the elderly choke on Mochi, but this time it was before New Year and it was an apple. Horrible, horrible way to die. Rest in Peace!

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@Tom DeMiche

Please re-read the report for he did not die from eating an apple

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I remember hearing his tropical song "Canaria no shotou" on the radio in Tokyo in the summer of 1981. The song was cool, and so was he. RIP.

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