Singing or sinking? Justin Bieber hits new low


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To answer the headline's question: close but no cigar. The word you want is "stinking", as in emanating a strong smell of alcohol and also a description of his music.

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Justin WHO ?

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Almost 20, time to grow up.

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It's OK. He has enough money to retire to Canada and never work another day in his life.

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After egging his neighbor's house, drag racing and being caught DUI, he should thank his lucky stars he isn't black. Otherwise, he'd be behind bars. (Not saying he should be - kids will be kids - just pointing out the double standard in America.)

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He is going to be all over by the time he is 25, another child star burnt to a crisp.

Never liked him or his music so no great loss.

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Sickening to see how everyone is blaming his actions on his fame. He has life served up to him on a silver platter and believes he has the right to do as he pleases as a guest in United States. If he was a black American caught drag racing and admiting to smoking dope, he'd be in the slammer so fast his head would spin! Why we continue to cater to these so called stars who think they are above us and can do as they please is beyond me! He should be deported back to Canada as he has used up his welcome here!

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The DUI charge will most likely be dropped. His blood test results just came back, and his blood alcohol level was at 0.01

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The DUI can still stick because he had been smoking dope and taking "prescription medications" on top of the drinking.

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My dear gokai_wo_maneku (It's OK. He has enough money to retire to Canada and never work another day in his life): What if we don't want him back?!

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I'm really sick of seeing him and other ill-behaved celebrities in the media on a daily basis. Funnily enough, if you shaved his hair down a bit in his mug shot, he could be twins with Miley Cyrus...separated at birth?

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Laguna: He should count his stars he posted a video of himself singing on YouTube, because double standards don’t apply to self-righteous dickwads. Some of us are actually working hard to make it in this industry and we don’t appreciate it when a hack happens to be in the right place at the right time.

The percentage of alcohol in his blood means nothing at 19 unless it is 0.00%. That is the maximum legal limit for anyone under 21 in America, driving or not.

I hope the judge takes one look at his mug-shot and gives him the maximum sentence. That smirk in the face of justice just goes to show you what he thinks of the law and how far above it he thinks he is.

L. Spiro

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Lucky he doesn't live in Japan, or is a Japanese celeb. He'd be banished from the limelight and when he made his first commercial for cup noodles in 3 years, it would be his "comeback."

Anyhow, this is standard for young, rich celebs. At least he didn't light a doobie on stage.

As far as being "above it," if you've got tons of money, you can pretty much buy your own justice. Unfortunately, that's the way the world works. Even if he got drunk and ran over some innocent, he'd likely just pay them off and get on with his life like nothing happened.

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He is so proud of his little self, look at the silly smiling little face in the mug shot. Usually people don't smile when having their mug shot taken, they usually scowl or at least keep a straight face, this guy is such a twerp.

The dweeb wants to be a bad boy, or think he is a tough guy or something when he has no chance of ever being anything but talentless brat.

He should have shived a couple of guards and beaten up the prison kingpin while he was in the slammer then he might have got some cred, this little weed is sickening to even hear his name mentioned.

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Hey he's just along for the ride.

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Only 19 years old. Can you imagine having all that fame, money, and being surrounded by poor advisors at that age?

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In another article on line he told the police that his mother provides him with drugs and he takes whoever she give him. On the drag race, his father was sitting in the car beside him. Sounds like one sick family to me.I think another case of a family living off their star son.

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Again all of the posters must be back in Japan reading between the lines and not getting the real point. Some posters mentioned that if Just-In-beaver had he been black he would have been in jail. Let me also point out something here you readers are missing that is also an American double standard. Had he been black and a Canadian citizen as Just-in-Beaver is he would have been DEPORTED a long time ago. Also in each instance Just-In-Beaver was arrested he was arrested with two Black Guys on each occassions Just-In-Beaver posted bail and the Black Guys remained in Jail the moral of the story is if you are a black guy stay away from this guys because you will end up in jail associating with this guy and he gets to walk free.

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who's that in the pix? his mom and dad?

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Richard Wood is exactly right - he is a guest of the US. Just like me right now. I would never dream of egging my neighbors, or drag racing, or DUI, or any of the other things he has been up to. Why doesnt he just cock his leg and pee up against Americas front door post and be done with it.

He doesnt HAVE to live in front of the cameras. He CHOOSES to. Different thing He can just walk off into obscurity where he came from any time he wants. Or he can use his position and the unexplainable influence he seems to have over millions of young kids to actually do something good. He is 20 for Gods sake. Old enough to start.

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Typical spoiled Canadian pop star who doesn't feel the rules apply to him.

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If this clown got hit by a truck tomorrow and died, I wouldn't even bat an eyelid.

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I have ti disagree with Richard Wood's post above. If he were a poor white boy he would be in the slammer. If he were a wealthy black boy he would be in the same situation.

Its not the race its the defense lawyer.

Justin needs to play his tough guy roll without his protection. The street tough guys would slap him silly.

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LagunaJan. 25, 2014 - 05:41PM JST After egging his neighbor's house, drag racing and being caught DUI,

By what source? Remember he is being accused. Read the facts that his lawyer is looking at. According to the police report, the cars were going between 55-60 MPH at 4am on the 2600 block of Pine Tree Drive, which they clocked after following the two teens for 15 blocks. The cops also said that two SUVs in the party blocked traffic for the race to take place, and that the Biebs reeked of booze. But according to technology, these are LIES! Justin and Khalil’s Lamborghini and Ferrari were rented from a place that puts GPS in their cars, which also calculated their speed. So, how fast was Justin going? As of 4am, according to the devices, the cars were only driving 27 MPH on the 3500 block of Pine Tree Drive. In fact, the only two times that either car went over the speed limit was way before the arrest, when one car was going 52 MPH in a 50 MPH zone, and it quickly slowed down. That was the only time either car went above 50 MPH the whole night. The other time they sped was when one car was driving 34 MPH in a 30 MPH zone, and that car slowed down too. ALSO, as we previously mentioned, the PoPo said that JB ‘reeked’ of alcohol, but his 0.014 BAC is almost too small an amount to measure at all! WOW! This is a whole lot of new info, and it's starting to seem like the cops really did just have it out for Justin.

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Re: If he were black, he would have etc., etc.,

Isn't Khalil Amir Sharieff, the other drag racer, black? His fine was less than Bieber's.

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What an obnoxious little brat he is. Thinks that money gives him the right to do whatever the h3ll he likes. Well, about time he learned that you can't beat the law...the law beats you. (To paraphrase Judge Dredd)

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@sfjp330 ... Remember he is being accused.

Thanks for bringing these facts to light. Media judgement and legal judgement are not the same, thank god. Assuming he was not speeding when he was pulled over for speeding, then according to the law (as I understand it) he will not be able to be prosecuted for driving under the influence of alcohol+marijuana+unspecified-prescription-medicine.

Nevertheless, it is my personal opinion that he is a jerk for driving under the influence of alcohol+marijuana+unspecified-prescription-medicine. The Florida BAC limit for an under 21 driver is 0.02 BAC for which he registered 70% which would have been higher at the time he was driving, add into that influence of marijuana+unspecified-prescription-medicine it seems he violated the spirit of the law. The law was created to encourage young people not to kill/injure themselves or others. His public attitude about this case (tweeting "worried about nothing") reinforces bad attitudes in teenagers.

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As I've said time and again, the guy's going down in flames.

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It's not his fault. He's suffering from affluenza.

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Ozzy Osbourne's comments on A Different Spin pretty much summed it all up about this subject.

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The poor boy needs parents.......

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I was going to say that his parents need to kick him in the butt so hard he would be unable to sit for a month, then after reading his father was with him and his mother gives him drugs it would have to start with them and the foot would have to be surgically removed.

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The boy is too full if himself.

Remember when he was in Japan, in the morning news her was interviewed he so blatantly was hitting on the female newscaster that my 12yr old son did a facepalm.

Like Mikey, Lohan, etc they got opportunities but ruin it all and end up being hated.

One reason why I like Pyamu Pyamu she is 20 is her own manager, designer and also has a fashion line.

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The booking mugs look more like an ad for ProActive.

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He didn’t dance as strongly as he has in the past, and he seemed to be uninterested at times onstage

"Dance as strongly"? Must be a joke, right?

and DUI is scarcely an indication of a life gone horribly wrong.

He is lodsing fanns becasue his image was of the cute yuong teen and now he is turning into an obnoxious older teen. and lame too with bling and stupid hairstyle and maxi shades and so on.

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