'Skyfall' joins Oscar runners on U.S. producers' shortlist


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Why would Skyfall make this list?

Are films overall so poor this year that the latest Bond movie, and not really all that good of a movie in my opinion in the first place gets talked about for an Oscar based upon ticket sales?

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Mrs & I watched Skyfall at an IMAX theatre, while is was good I found the plot rather lame & not enough decent action, a few good bits to be sure but overall compared to other Bond films it at middle of the pack at best

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Can I ask for an invitation to both of your houses some time so that you can each show me a 'good' movie? If you think 'Skyfall' was '...not really all that good of a movie' and that there was '...not enough decent action', I can't wait to see what floats your boats!

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Just saw this movie tonight in a packed house. Was totally entertained. In the 007 way. Great stuff.

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Can I ask for an invitation to both of your houses some time so that you can each show me a 'good' movie


No you may not, & if you could read you'd have seen I said it was GOOD, just middle of the road as far as Bond flicks go, no need to bent outta shape now

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Skyfall is just a run-of-the-mill bond film. Its not Oscar material. The real innovation in this genre was done with the Bourne films. All the subsequent Bond films have been trying to apply that formula with mixed success.

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I find there's too much snobbery around films at Oscar time, but it's nice to see commercially successful and popular films getting some recognition.

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Allow ME "G W " : I think this Bond movie was LAME as far as "Bond" movies go. This is NOT only MY opinion. The two women I went with thought this TOO. What do you expect from a guy playing "James Bond ", that DOESN'T LIKE guns?

-3 ( +0 / -3 )

"Skyfall" should have been named "Skyfail". This latest outing will be viewed as one of the worst Bond movies ever made. Tip to anyone who has not seen this movie yet: watch the first 10 - 15 minutes, then leave. Time for this franchise to be direct-to-DVD releases.


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