Small screen holds big appeal for Hollywood A-listers


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Man life got better when I was able to pretty much cut TV out of my day!

Binge Streaming...…….sounds like a disease!!!

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And why not? It's no longer considered slumming it by appearing in well-written and produced television.

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The staggering financial incentives of crossing over to television are also clear.

The new "Big Five" TV streaming networks -- Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Disney and Apple -- are expected to spend $27 billion this year on content, according to a recent FilmLA report.

That is approximately the combined budget of the top 130 most expensive feature films ever made -- meaning colossal fees are possible for established marquee stars who make the switch.

With increasing TV budgets, TV pays almost as much as the movies nowadays, so the big stars no longer sees it as earning significantly less.

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I want to star in an famous episode, just once please.

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How about F listers. This is the worst gamble Apple ever took on these two. Just shows you that even money doesn't create high quality content.

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