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SMAP equals top 10 singles record for male artists


Pop group SMAP has made history with its latest single "Sakasama no Sora," the group's 25th No. 1 single.

"Sakasama no Sora" debuted at the No. 1 spot this week, selling 135,000 copies, making it the group's 14th consecutive No. 1 release since 2002's "Freebird." It also constituted their 47th top 10 single, a record for male artists which the group currently shares with rock band B'z.

"Sakasama no Sora" is currently being used as the theme song on NHK's morning drama "Umechan Sensei."

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Boring. Yawn, yawn....

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Are they STILL around?

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i like them in drama or movie, but not in music.

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I have to agree with 602miko....

They dont really sound good as singers, but acting is a different story. From what I learned from a japanese friend, is that sometimes the industry may not be looking for something that sounds good, what they want its the good looks and the spirit of being an artist. Which is pretty understandable in some cases....

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