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SMAP to embark on nationwide tour


Pop group SMAP will start a nationwide tour in September, the organizer said Monday. The tour will kick off with six concerts at Tokyo Dome, starting Sept 24. Other venues will be announced shortly, organizers said, adding they expect 330,000 fans to attend the Tokyo concerts.

SMAP will also release a new album titled “super. modern. artistic. Performance” on the first day of the tour. In an official comment, singer Takuya Kimura said, “We haven't had direct communications with our fans for a long time. I'm looking forward to the opportunity. The tour is something like a party that we should enjoy now, and I hope everybody will enjoy it with us.”

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SMAP promotion team: visit North America! Please send the group over to do concerts here in the major cities, including Canada.

Mr. Kimura did well in his recent TV role as a prime minister. Would like to see him perform live over on this continent.

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! I wanna go. Any chance the tour will still be going mid-November?

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This belongs in the crime section.

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if you read the article carefully, you can see that there is no word about "singing", only concert, party, direct communication. I assume it will be something of a talento show, with their usual annoying gags and some dancing on a computer-generated tune while they lipsynch some catchy phrases

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Did they ever sing?

I never heard anything tunefull coming from these over rated buffooons.

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are these guys still singing? i thought SMAPxSMAP and various doramas were taking up all their time

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To the moderator- it wasn't when I added the comment. It is now though, as you pointed out

Moderator: You are mistaken. This story has always been in the Entertainment section.

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silly morons aggravate patience

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In OUR super.modern.artistic World theRe is NO NeeD to HeeD capitaliZation ruleS.

Sports and Music Assemble People are at the cutting edge of modern art.

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super.modern.artistic.Performance- wonder why only one word has a capital?

I'm kind of surprised that this is in the headline news section- doesn't it belong in entertainment?

Moderator: It is in the Entertainment section.

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