SMAP to greet 110,000 fans at Tokyo Dome on Nov 12-13


SMAP are planning a huge meet-and-greet fan event at Tokyo Dome on Nov 12-13. The FaN×FuN PARTY 2011 is part of a series of events the group is holding to mark their 20th anniversary.

So far this year, SMAP has held similar fan events in Fukuoka, Sapporo, Kobe, Nagoya and Saitama. At each of those events, around 30,000 fans turned up.

There were so many applications for the Tokyo event that the group decided to hold two meetings, expected to draw a total of 110,000 fans.

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i've got a word for these "musicians": PHILANTHROPY Ever heard of it?

these greedy people are making sooo much money off of their fans this whole year marking their anniversary, meanwhile there are still many homeless people living in shelters after the quake and tsunami.

just another example of the rich getting richer, while others just suffer. this world needs more compassionate people and less of these types who do nothing but take, take, take.

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Where does it say they're charging,.alpachinco ?? A free meet the fans day seems like give,give,give to me.

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If they said they would donate ALL the proceeds (not just 6% from one album) to the Tohoku area, I would have a little more respect for these hacks, but no thanks. I feel sorry for the people fighting the crowds to go see these guys. I like Nakai's character IRL, and Shingo seems to be pretty genuine (Shingo-mama aside), but not one of these guys can sing, write, play an instrument, or dance. They have zero talent.

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It would be a good idea to stay out of Tokyo on those nights.

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calm down, I don't think it is free. It's about 4000yen each. Don't ask me how I know...

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4,000 yen. Marketed celebrity sure is an expensive replacement for real talent.

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Seems Osaka is the only city with decent taste in "music".

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Their music is not what one would describe as stellar but I AM impressed that the groups management could keep the gravy train going 20 yrs.!

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Rule number one for most bands in Japan is that you have to be tone deaf and sing out of key and flat. It is a given. Just like so many so called beautiful models have dumbo ears. That is horrible. Would never make it as singers or models in any other country.

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well if really is 4.000 yen a person and if they really manage to gather 110.000 people that's ...........OMG..............440.000.000 yen

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I have to agree with Bartholomew.... it's really kind of mind-boggling how despite their utter lack of musical ability, they have managed to be one of Japan's number one performers for two decades!!

To be fair to the guys, they DO give to charity privately - just not "officially" as a group. What many people fail to realise is after 20 years, they are still really only employees of Johnny's. I'd be surprised if they had any creative control whatsoever in anything they do - they just do what they are told, which seems to be a winning formula for their employer and themselves.

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