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Snoop Dogg reincarnated as Snoop Lion


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Publicity stunt, fo' shizzle.

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Lion is definitely a step up from dogg.

The way this guy just never seems to go away, I might have gone with Snoop Tapeworm, or Snoop Athlete's Foot instead.

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Ah, like all hip-hop stars his pilgrimage to his spiritual sanctuary has led to a mighty rebirth, I have absolutely no doubt his music will now be a profound reach into the very darkest and lightest part of the human soul.


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Absolute dropkick

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Why not Snoop Wolff.

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While visiting a Rastafarian temple, “the high priest” told him his name was no longer Dogg. “He looked me in my eyes and said, ‘no more. You are… the lion,” he said.

I wish he'd said: ‘no more. You are… the spotted marmoset”.

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He's re-branded, not reincarnated. "Snoop Middle-aged bloke" would be more apposite.

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Dude's been smoking a lot of dope down there in Jamaica.

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Good for him! He's better off smoking weed than promoting gang violence.

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