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Sony backs 'Ghostbusters' director after Aykroyd criticism


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The reboot sucked so badly.

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Still haven't seen it but it can't be worse than the actual sequel, back in the day?

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@Toasted: It's worse.

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"Revolutionary" idea having women in the lead roles. Shame about the stereotypical black woman.

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Don't need to see it to realize it's really bad

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The company does say that "Ghostbusters" television and family projects are in the works

Scooby Dooby Doo, Where are you?

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I have not seen this and won't, but if it is as bad as everyone is saying, there will not be a sequel anyway.

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The female led Ghostbusters unfortunately was not a continuation of the originals but tried to make a totally new one as if it was the only Ghostbusters.

Oh, I thought it referenced the 1984 & 1989 films. Which weren't even the "original" Ghostbusters, to be pedantic, natch.

Back in the 70s there was a US serial (1 season only) called The Ghostbusters. It had the lads from F Troop in it, that's about all I can remember without googling it. But that spawned the animated serial (slyly capitalising on the succes of the 80s film) which was then supplanted by the Real Ghostbusters, which was based on the Murray/Ramis/Ackroyd effort.


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One good sequel I will recommend however is Blade II. Oh yeah!

Quality flick. Del Toro directs and from Marvel source material. Apparently the third installment is rubbish, mind.

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The reboot sucked so badly.

It really didn't. I am guessing that you are a fan boy for the - admittedly better - 1984 original, though the less said about 1989's sequel the better. This movie was fresh and fun and the vast majority of those that took against it either a) made their mind up long before the movie opened or b) didn't bother seeing it and are happy to slag it off based on what they've read or been told...


Don't need to see it to realize it's really bad

Exhibit A, your honour....

And, for the record, there have been a ton of great sequels. Terminator 2, Aliens, Godfather 2, Hellboy 2: The Golden Army, the very recent Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 2...I could go on. There doesn't need to be a Ghostbusters 2016 sequel and I personally hope that there won't be.

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Yes, nice to have a movie with an all women cast. Why not? But this was not that movie. Painfully bad

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@ sf2k

Yes, nice to have a movie with an all women cast. Why not? But this was not that movie. Painfully bad

Really? You think so? Painfully bad...? Why does everybody make so much of the fact that there was a little bit of a role reversal thing going on here, that it was an all female cast? Don't remember any such criticism of the original having an all male cast. Can't help but feel there is something more sinister going on beneath the surface here...

Like I said earlier, this was by no measure a masterpeice, but painfully bad? Not even close....

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