Sony exec pokes fun at Netflix at 'Blade Runner 2049' preview


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I think you're confusing reboot with remake. A remake is a do-over (eg Total Recall). On the other hand, a reboot is bringing a series or concept back to life, as is the case here. I agree with other posters that most movie remakes/reboots are terrible, but sometimes tv series do much better (eg Battlestar Galactica)

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Someone mentioned that we're living in the time of Blade Runner now and nothing looks like the film did. Well, it's kinda spread out. The massive pollution fogs in China, the giant stacks of housing in Singapore, the ship yards for junked ships in India, ( and the working conditions ) and pretty much the area under my bed. But hey, I think we'd all like to be hanging in the sky with those spinners again, and soaking in post Vangelis noir music for a couple of hours. You guys know who's doing the new score, don't you? Not hard to find out. And Syd Mead? I bet he does a cameo. Maybe he cracks up one of his cars...

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If you don't feel like watching a movie ????, then don't.

As the worst you say and write ???? on the 120 year old movie industry most and longest awaited sequel (35 years of great expectations ⏩), the more you give envy to watch it just to prove how wrong you are and make all your money ???? arguments void.

BR is about time ⌚, not money. Tony Scott was the producer.

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Uh...no, not just another 80s reboot, a sequel to one of - maybe the - greatest of all Sci Fi movies directed by the hottest director of the moment and starring the hottest leading man around. Show some respect, man!!!!

Just to be clear, I love Bladerunner. I've seen it too many times to count, its a masterpiece. I just don't understand the need for a sequel (other than money). For starters, we are currently living in the timeline of the original movie (set in 2019, which means the replicants featured in the film would already have been born by now). Obviously now looks nothing like Bladerunner. I'm sure they'll find some BS "alternate timeline" explanation to shoehorn in, but its kind of meaningless. The original Bladerunner was showing audiences a dysotpian view of the near future, which was really intriguing at the time. I don't see how the new movie is going to do anything like that if they are locked into being a sequel to the original.

More to the point, the 1980s were a great decade for films because almost everythign was new. Bladerunner, Star Wars (OK, late 70s), Indiana Jones, Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, etc etc. Hollywood was giving us (I was a kid in the 80s) some amazing new stuff. They weren't just going back to see what was popular in the 1950s and reviving that as their flagship material - we weren't forced to watch Forbidden Planet 2 or a reboot of 20,000 Leagues under the Sea. But that is all Hollywood is offering kids today - reboots or long delayed sequels to stuff their parents (my generation) loved as kids.

The main exception to that lack of creativity is clearly to be found in cable and streaming networks like Netflix, HBO, etc which are making really really good shows that fill the void Hollywood has left. So I find it really obnoxious when the head of Sony, in announcing yet another 80s classic brought back from the dead, is using that opportunity to slam Netflix. Perhaps I am alone in seeing this.

Do you know what a reboot is? Ford is coming back to reprise his original role decades later, and decades later in the story -- so it can't really be a reboot, can it?

OK fine, its a "sequel" rather than a "reboot." But its not a normal sequel like Empire Strikes Back or Temple of Doom. Its the resurrection of a franchise that had its last movie (only movie) 35 years ago. So its more like Indiana Jones 4. My point though is that it fals into the larger category of "Franchises from the 80s that are being revived solely because they are a brand that Hollywood Corporations are willing to financially back and not because they have any intrinsic need to be revived." Personally I thought the original Bladerunner ended on the perfect note and there was no need for a sequel of any kind - especially not one to tell us what Deckard is doing at 80 years old. Do you really feel this is something worth making?

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...so some Sony guy says “Netflix my ass”... as far as I can tell, that's the entire purpose of this article. So, what am I supposed to do with this story. Sony doesn't like Netflix. Wow... So... anyone want to discuss the weather...

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I've watched Blade Runner, many, many times, I've lost count. I know this is not a reboot but this is like Casablanca, Citizen Kane, and Firefly all in one

To say I hope they don't mess this up is a colossal understatement. Reminds me of attempts to redo 12 Angry Men with mediocre results. Given the state of film today all one can do is prepare for the worst and hope for the best. But if the market is a Rogue One type of movie goer, (a movie which on closer examination of themes and characters is unfortunately just an act of fan service for kids, Not an actual movie) then by that metric this will also sadly be.

Blade Runner in its day was so ahead of its time it was the future and it had so many themes that rewarded repeat viewing. It didn't do well at the box office at the time. It took dedicated fans to create the cult following and recognition of the masterpiece it is today.

I don't see today's audiences being savvy enough and likely the movie will be made for fan service and the dumbed down times

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rainy day: "Another 80s reboot?"

Do you know what a reboot is? Ford is coming back to reprise his original role decades later, and decades later in the story -- so it can't really be a reboot, can it?

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Meh. Another 80s reboot?

Uh...no, not just another 80s reboot, a sequel to one of - maybe the - greatest of all Sci Fi movies directed by the hottest director of the moment and starring the hottest leading man around. Show some respect, man!!!!

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Sony Pictures lost $913 million in just the last 3 months of 2016.

Tom Rothman should worry more about Sony than Netflix.

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It's too early to gloat yet. Almost 100% of reboots recently have been such shocking pieces of crap bordering on criminal that I'd argue it would be better to permanently blacklist a lot of these morons. It would be a truly foul crime to ruin the legacy of Blade Runner, so be warned that you will be held personally accountable if the movie is poor

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Meh. Another 80s reboot? Yeah Sony, this is the perfect time to be coming off as pretentious and dismissive of rival content producers. "Look, we own the copyright to Bladerunner and are milking it like all other entities that possess rights in works from the 80s. Cuz we take art seriously."

I just finished watching the Netflix series Stranger Things. Its a show set in the 80s that (gasp) is not a reboot but an actual new and original series. And I enjoyed it because I had no idea how it would turn out, unlike every reboot that Sony and other big studios have dumped out in recent years. With BladeRunner 2049 I am guessing, since the only thing they are talking about is what it looks like rather than the story it tells,that I'll be pretty bored with it right away.

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"“Netflix my ass”"

Ummm... Sony is the one who has been falling on its ass for the last decade with a zillion bad business decisions. Cell phones that can't compare. Walk Men that can't compete. Movies that don't make money. TVs that can't compete. The only division that made any money last year was "Entertainment Division" which makes PS4 and publishes games. Sony has been failing for failure to innovate and ignoring the competition. Iphone and Ipod... We don't don't need to worry about those! Samsung TVs that cost half as much as our TVs, who cares? Dissing and ignoring Netflix is just one more example of dinosaurs running this used-to-be awesome company into the ground.

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Biggest ticket this year. This new preview is probably not ready for the public, just the biz. Well played. First new preview has a fascinating sound mixed in with the echoes of Vangelis. Crackling yet muffled energy.... Very cool. Can't wait for the distopian section in my neighborhood toy store....

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