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Sony Music drops U.S. singer R. Kelly: reports

By Jason Merritt

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Smart but a little late.

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The sex pest needs locking up. This has been going on for years!

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This is the whole CULTURE of the "Music".

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He is the one who wrote the very inspirational "I believe I can fly". One of my favorite songs. What happened?

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This is the whole CULTURE of the "Music".

Strange statement. Ballads? Soul? Funk? R&B? Heavy metal? Rock & roll? Pop?

Most music from the saucy songs of folk baladeers and bards centuries ago up to the present day concern themselves with love, sex, satire, struggle, politics.

It doesn't mean that every singer/songwriter/artist that ever was and ever will be is akin to the likes of R.Kelly.

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@ gokai_wo_maneku

R Kelly has a history of predatory behavior towards underaged girls. However, because his primary targets had been African American women, most of his actions typically fell under the radar. Even his publicized trial where he urinated on and engaged in sexual behavior with a minor.

@ Toasted Heretic

Not every singer/artist engages in that type of behavior; however, it is true that many artist have done similar things and have gotten away with it. They even continue to get away with it.

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