Sony Music Entertainment now auditioning for new talent

By Yoriko Takahashi

Sony Music Entertainment has started a music performance video audition called Sony MUSIC VIDEO AUDITION “REC,” and they will accept applications until March 31.

This is an audition to compete for singing ability, power of expression, and on visual points. Not limited in terms of nationality, age, sex, genre, category, etc, Sony Music Entertainment is aiming to discover new character and talent. So, of course, those who live outside of Japan can also apply for the audition.

Sony will lend an HDR-MV1 music video recorder to all applicants who pass the first stage of the audition. Those then moving on to the second stage will be asked to use the HDR-MV1 to record a video and upload it, and will then compete in a popularity poll through online voting.

If you are awarded a prize, your video will be displayed on the official Sony website and you will receive Sony products. Also, you will have an opportunity to make recordings in the Sony Music Studio and get total support for making a music debut in Japan from Sony Music Entertainment.

To check the details and apply for the audition, Go to the Sony MUSIC VIDEO AUDITION “REC” site.

Source: AkihabaraNews

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This is an audition to compete for singing ability, power of expression, and on visual points.

Should say- This is an audition to compete for lip-syncing ability, power of make-up, and visually cute.

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I hope it's based more on singing ability than looks. There is a serious lack of talented singers that are being promoted in Japan.

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Sony Music Video Camera? A camera for making mvs? Interesting.

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Good idea from SONY. Talented musicians have chanced to show off their talent at no costs.

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This already exists - YouTube anyone?

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