Sony: No decision made yet on 'Ghostbusters' release in China


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Be a good idea for all the MRAs and "they're ruining my childhood" dudes to move there and live Ghostbusters-free and with limited Internet access.

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It seems strange that China would ban supernatural movies. But Chinese people are strangely really superstitious so maybe the govt is worried people will start believing the ghosts in this movie actually exist.

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Meh. Maybe they're planning to release their own crappy Ghostbusters movie.

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Just replace the StayPuft Marshmallow Man with 5 fingers of death Kung fu Marshmallow Man and we're good to go. Oh, and China has ghosts, so that's unexplained science, not superstition.

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"supernatural foreign fiims" means supernatural domestic films are OK?

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Next time Sony budget for a movie they should just exclude China and focus on other places to sell the movie.

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The Chinese aren't missing anything. The original was nothing to write home about and this one is probably worse.

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The original was nothing to write home about and this one is probably worse.

OF course everyone is entitled to their own opinion but a 97% on RT and a 7.8 score on IMDB IS something to write home about. But yeah I'm not hyped for the new ghostbusters either though.

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Mocheake? Are you kidding? Ghostbusters is hilarious and one of the biggest box office successes in history. You have every right to your opinion but I can't imagine many people agreeing with you there

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Those two "bookends" among the Ghostbusters in that pic sure are big units - I wouldnt mess with 'em were I a ghost!

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"whether “Ghostbusters” will be allowed to be released in China."

Why would this even be a question? Oh wait, I forgot, this is the communist Chinese government we're talking about.

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Old Bernie was just a plant$$$$$ it's all rigged!

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Aren't they just cutting the ability to make a profit on something that will end up being pirated and available in China anyway?

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Why bother. I'm sure millions already watched bootleg version in China.

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Why bother.

Because they can make a whack of money of showing it in the theaters.

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They will edit so that its an all asian cast.

As far as supernatural, I would think all chinese kung-fu movies are, unless you know people that can poke people's brains out or fly/glide.

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