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Sony tries to save face with 'Interview' flip-flop


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“Panic-based decisions are not sound crisis management”

I think that one statement best sums up this whole fiasco.

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I remove Sony from the wussy list. Most in the world will finally enjoy this satire as a celebration to human rights that have been abused by the Gang Of Pyongyang who using the mass of N. Koreans as their pawns without any shame.

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Well, better late than never.

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"I remove Sony from the wussy list."

Flip-flopping is okay then? Seems to me that everyone screams that they gave in to hackers, and now they are really are just giving in to public opinion, which is pretty much the same thing. They are responding to threats to their image this time. Waffling again. But this time they can at least say that if there is any sort of attack, YOU, the public, demanded the movie.

And I still feel the bounds of decency have been seriously breached. This movie, and the demand for it, are clear signs of how immature and irresponsible people have become. Oh, and one more:

“I’m going to get to fight terrorism on Christmas Day now,” he said.

Delusional. Childishly delusional.

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I just watched the movie, it has it moments and it is fuuny at times but also silly. I would give it a b+

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All this over a piece of cinematic trash.

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@tim can

Public corporations are supposed to "give in to public opinion". Otherwise they are just another entrenched power base in need of stamping out, if you ask me.

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I was renting movies to watch and The Interview did show up as a for rent or buy film online so Sony did make up for their cave in and did send the message that the rights of individuals freedom of expression is allowed in the US regardless of what some other group says about attempting to suppress that right.

As I said, not really my kind of film. Would have gone by without much fanfare from me if they had just released it as normal without all this stupidity.

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Bgood41: "I remove Sony from the wussy list."

Why? They have no caved AGAIN, only this time to public pressure over something the should not have caved to in the first place. Now they cannot even stick to their guns about canceling the December release! What are they going to put in their big speech this time? "We respect and stand by our partners' decisions, and despite it being their fault we cancelled the movie release, we have decided to respect our customers' wishes and it is now their fault we will release the movie in select locations. We stand by our decisions -- if you like them. If not, they weren't our decisions."

“Panic-based decisions are not sound crisis management”

Agree with donkusai that this sums it up well. Unfortunately for SPE they have panicked for at least the second time now.

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“Panic-based decisions are not sound crisis management,” said Jonathan Bernstein, president of Los Angeles-based crisis management company Bernstein Crisis Management

Gotta love this journalist.

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I wonder if early on Sony realized this movie would be a flop and decided to gin up a little publiciy with a publiciy stunt. I know it sounds far fetched but, it is possible.

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Just saw the movie. It was absolutely horrible. I think the hackers must have seen it awhile back and were all trying to do us a favor by preventing us from losing nearly two hours of our lives watching this over the top silly garbage. I mean, don't get me wrong, Rogen and Franco have made some great funny films together, but you can only tell the same joke over and over again with a movie platform before it gets boring and cliche. To put this in perspective: the fake sequel to Pineapple Express, as seen in their movie THIS IS THE END, was way funnier than The Interview.

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Not expecting much I started watching it before, but I had to stop because it was so bad! Talk about a disappointment!

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Today (Thursdday in USA) Movie will shown in Atlanta and Texas area, news says. About 300 theaters.

You can watch this movie on YouTube, Google rPlay and MicroSoft xBox very soon. Just like SONY, they hated heckers but haven't accusde N Korea. It is not on TV ye t except just a few scenes. Just Obama began accusing N Korea.

@kapuna: if it were not this daily report in USA, it would be flop definitely/. Obama helped and it worked like free publicity stunt.

It is not shown yet. Maybe people in Atlanta would finish visiting Atlanta time 4 pm.

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"Never let a crisis go to waste."

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