South Korean actor Cha In-ha is seen in this undated picture provided by his agency Fantasio. Photo: Yonhap via REUTERS

South Korean actor Cha In-ha found dead in latest K-pop tragedy

By Sangmi Cha

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Very sad and unfortunate.


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whoever attached her on social media - sleep well?

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Terrible. The social media magnifying glass is more like a laser of death... RIP.

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Sad stuff. RIP.

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Starting to become an epidemic.

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Sad to see so many young people going down this road.

projects a wholesome image on stage and screen

Clearly this writer has never seen anything K-Pop related.

asked the public and the media to refrain from spreading stories about his death

Maybe I am being negative. But it sounds as if the company is just trying to cover themselves.

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Being in K Pop or otherwise a Korean celeb is getting to be a high risk occupation.

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I don’t understand, one is always free to logout from these SNS ! Why thr hell doesn’t somebody teach this to these young talents ?

I know of many sportspersons who abstain from SNA purely to make sure that this performance on the field is not affected.

Sad to these incidents being repeated.

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It is not social media but the industry.

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Sad. Too much pressure.

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What the heck is going on over there? That's what, the THIRD young person in 2 months to die?

Time for the Korean industry and government to stop the pressure on these young people. They reached what they wanted - worldwide popularity, time to dial it down a bit now.

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