South Korean cinema leads nominees at Asian Film Awards


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The handmaiden was good but not THAT good. Train to Busan was great.

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The Age of Shadows was a very entertaining spy story that centers around a Korean who works for the Japanese in hunting resistance members in the 30s. Kept me guessing until the end.

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for obvious reasons... maybe japanese movies are only good for japanese people, any other asian or western could only see them as pure bad acting. You can be watching Godzilla, you will fall asleep at some point. It reminds me of a comment I saw here before:

Every movie seems to have the following scenes:

Guy: Stands zombie like with a vacant look on his face. He then starts shouting at the girl. he then starts crying to the girl. He then say's sorry and they make up.

Girl: Stands there zombie like with vacant look on her face. She then starts shouting at the guy. She then starts crying at the guy. She then say's sorry and they make up.

Little girl or boy: Is in hospital or has some incurable illness. Cries throughout the whole movie. may have a few cutie scenes just to show how cute they are.

The tough guy: Shouts and rolls his R's throughout the movie.

Everyone else: Just stands zombie like in the background of every scene. Contributing nothing to the storyline. But much like TV shows Japanese feel a certain comfort in numbers.

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Have seen some wonderful Japanese and Chinese films, but lately the Koreans have dominated in both TV and movies, IMO. That is not to say that everything coming out of Korea is wonderful, but much of it is. I find it interesting that many American movies are remakes of movies first made in Korea. Some Korean movies are, unfortunately, too daring for the American market, even if they are brilliant.

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General rule is Japan dominates in animation, and somewhat in horror (recently Korea is doing pretty well with those, too). Hong Kong has it down for martial arts and similar action movies, China often has the mafia movies down (aside from Beat Takeshi), and Korea often has great human dramas (vague, I know) and period pieces. There are exceptions in all departments and genres, of course, and I still think one of the best directors to come out of Asia was Kurosawa, but I have to agree with 1glenn that in general South Korea seems to be dominating these days.

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I hope "Train to busan" and "the age of Shadows" will win ????????????

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The Asian Film Awards will be handed out on March 21 in Hong Kong.

And the irony is that HK probably doesn't even have one movie nominated.

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Pukey2: "And the irony is that HK probably doesn't even have one movie nominated."

It has a total of 13 nominations, including for best director, best actor/actress, supporting for both, best newcomer, best screenwriter, etc.

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China often has the mafia movies down

Really? I'd like to know of some that you recommend, because for me, every time I want to see an Asian period movie, I normally go for Chinese movies (my all time favorite is Hero). I thought mafia type of movies are known in Hong Kong and Japan.

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ThePBot: Perhaps Hong Kong would be better as an example of mafia movies (involving the Triad). Election, Internal Affairs, The White Storm, Brotherhood (I think, there's a Korean movie of a similar name), No Man's Land, Kill Zone, Firestorm, and several others. Andy Lau alone (and Tony Leung) are fantastic.

Yeah, China does a number of period movies as well, and like I said there are exceptions. I find a lot of the Chinese one's to be mixed in with fantasy, or epics like Sangokushi. I like the more pastoral, country-side dramas from China and Vietnam, like those by Tran Anh Hung.

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Googled 'mainland china triad movies', first hit was a list of 10 movies that had 2.5 probably mainland or Taiwanese and 7.5 probably HK (Cantonese names). 2 were "No Man's Land" and "Lethal Hostage". The split China/HK movie was Drug War with Louis Koo.


"The Missing Gun" was OK, as far as I remember, it's been a long time since I saw it. But maybe it's just a crime movie, not mafia.

I thought I read somewhere that "Hero" was kind of targeted at USA in an attempt to get an Oscar, so it was reportedly a great disappointment for the director to lose out to Brokeback Mountain that year.

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