Southern All Stars' album from 15 years ago enters Oricon top 100


"Umi no Yeah," the best-selling album of Southern All Stars released in June 1998, has been re-released and reached 86th on the Oricon chart for the week to July 15. The same album entered the top 100 when lead vocalist Keisuke Kuwata announced he had esophageal cancer back in August 2010.

The album was re-released to mark the 35th anniversary of Southern All Stars' debut. It contains some of the group's hit songs such as "Katteni Sinbad" and "Itoshino Erie."

The legendary rock band announced last month that they will reunite five years after they split. Southern All Stars will release a new CD single called “Peace and Highlight” in August as well as play nine concerts in five cities — Yokohama (Aug 10-11), Kobe (Aug 17-18), Chigasaki (Aug 31-Sept 1), Toyota City (Sept 7-8) and Miyagi (Sept 22).

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I like them boys. Didn't they also do Natsu Yasumi, Summer Dream?

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Come on 86? You only need to sell about 300 copies to get that sort of rank

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I absolutely (who is that in your avatar?) agree!

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Ganbarre SAS !

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