Spacey says TV must adapt to viewer demand or die


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TV is dead.

We got rid of ours eight years ago and it's MUCH, MUCH better without it.


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This is somehow ground-breaking!? I think the cable companies don't know how, and they will for the most part only be in the homes of seniors and computer-illiterates.

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I agree with the Space-man on this one. Especially his comment about releasing things worldwide at the same time.

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What's a TV? What's a movie theatre?

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Powered by Youtube in the background? he is just saying what they want him to say so he can collect his attendance fee

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I've been TV free for years. Don't miss it. Found real life more interesting and important.

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I think what Spacey is asking is that television programming should be distributed on an "on demand" basis, where the program provider makes it easy for the viewer to see it easily on any device from anything as small as an iPhone all the way up to a large flat-screen TV set on the viewer's own schedule. In Japan, where very fast Internet access is available in most cities (and soon most rural areas), such an idea could actually work.

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I've been TV free for years. Don't miss it. Found real life more interesting and important

I'm glad your search for real life had brought you so far.

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I've never owned cable, I do still watch my local broadcasting networks because I can specifically get local news for my area. On the other hand I also do most of my TV watching outside of news, online. I can catch up on TV programs I like to watch any time. TV is not dead, it just needs to change to a more online model.

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'TV is Dead'...? How completely ignorant and stupid, those comments are.

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Spacey said the critical and commercial success of "House of Cards" "demonstrated that we have learned the lesson that the music industry didn't learn - give people what they want, when they want it, in the form they want it in, at a reasonable price, and they'll more likely pay for it rather than steal it."

BINGO! The music industry even after reading this will still not change.

Netflix is great in that respect for on demand viewing and they are starting to bring out there own programmes as well, "House of Cards" (yes the Brits did it first), "Orange is the new Black" pretty good stuff and a few more plus all the rest of the stuff they carry.

You can watch Netflix in Japan but you'll need to setup an account in a country where Netflix has the service and you have family that will charge it to their credit card for you. Look on online for IP proxy services or setup a VPN tunnel if you have the 'mad skills' (as the youngin's say) and you're good to go.

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The music industry even after reading this will still not change.

The business of music is dead, no one will buy music ever again

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Sadly that does not mean that the viewers always KNOW the best or what is of quality.

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