'Speed Racer' premiere to be held on world's largest screen at Tokyo Dome


Warner Bros Japan will hold the Japan premiere for "Speed Racer", using the world's largest screen, at Tokyo Dome on June 29. Warner Bros said the massive screen will be 7.45 meters tall and 37 meters wide.

Directed, produced and written by Andy and Larry Wachowski, "Speed Racer" is a live action film adaptation of the 1960s Japanese animated series of the same name. Warner Bros says it was filmed in high-definition video, which keeps both the foreground and background of scenes in focus. At the premiere, American actors Emile Hirsch, 23, and Christina Ricci, 28, will be joined by Japanese actor Hiroyuki Sanada, 47, and Korean singer Rain, 25.

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Is Chim-chim (Senpei) in it?

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I can't wait to see this one, out of all the ho hum summer releases this one seems the best. As for salaryman's question according to Wiki chim chim will indeed be in it, portrayed by two live chimps (thank God no computer graphics).

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whooopee dee doo. kurosawa, Leone or Hawks didnt need high-def

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Film's director and producer are known, if somebody can tell me the producer of this World's Largest Screen, is it Panasonic?

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Probably a modular LED screen, from Lighthouse or Chromatek, with 6 mm pitch, 768 modules of 128 x 96 pixels, and 12 digital processors to drive all the modules. The modules alone will weigh around 36 tons, and are either hung from truss or mounted on substantial scaffolding. Panasonic are not active in this field; they are good for plasma displays, but this is different technology.

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Even more ho hum from the Hollywood photocopy machine. No one can come up with an original idea, so they have to remake hokey 60's cartoons.

So they are going to show it on a giant screen. That isn't going to make the bad acting or weak storyline any better. All you need do is go back and look at Transformers the movie. Spielberg directing. It proved that no matter how much money or famous people you put in front or behind a camera, a weak story is still a weak story.

And personally, I agree with lipscombe; high-def will only create distraction and confusion if the audience is watching both fore and background with equal attention.

Does anyone remember 360 degree movies? It was supposed to be the next big thing for movies. Make you feel like you are right there in the movie watching things on all sides, but instead of being a big hit, it was a big bust as people got dizzy and whip-lash from looking around.

High-def is just a scheme to make people buy TV sets and special DVDs of the same products they already have.

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I agree. More crap from Hollywood with an extra dose of sacharine special effects. Hollywood can't even copy J-Horror correctly. If only the Hollywood writers' strike was still on.

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Spielberg didn't direct Transformers, he produced it. As in sold the idea to a bunch of Hollywood execs and helped advertised.

The director was the same guy who did Pearl Harbor.

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"Speed Racer" has been in the works for years. Johnny Depp was going to play the title role when the project was scrapped in the early 90s. It's a movie that people of a certain age have been waiting for decades to see on the big screen in live action, unlike the movie versions of "The Flintstones" and "Lost in Space". It's kind of sad that it took so long to realize (all those little Spritles out there have grown up to become Pops Racers), but perhaps it's fitting that the movie will premiere in Japan at Tokyo Dome. The oyajis will be screaming in the stands.

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"Johnny Depp was going to play the title role when the project was scrapped in the early 90s"

Thank goodness! If the project had gone ahead with Johnny, we might very well not have Captain Jack Sparrow!

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