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Spice Girls announce plans to work together again


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Must need the money.

Clearly they are past their expiry date.

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Well, that’s made my day!

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Victoria needs the money, her fashion business is losing money hand over fist. Mel B is going through an expensive and messy divorce.

On the upside, reports in the UK press say Victoria says she won't sing, which is no change there then.

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i cant imagine baby spice in low skirt...

the band is a product of an older generation, the youngsters dont even know the legend lol

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Not much spice left... Mel C actually has some talent.

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Not much spice left... Mel C actually has some talent.

Well, I think they all had at least a little bit of talent, except for Victoria Adams.

Couldn't sing one note properly, as Luddite says. She TOTALLY clung onto Beckham.

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please say it ain't so....

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Everybody else does it, so why not?

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Why not?! Hey, everyone in the pop world lip syncs concerts these days, so..... let them do their thing and for those that are into it and want to drop a few quid for a ticket, happy days.

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Like an incurable STD, they go dormant, sometimes for years and then fester when you least expect it.

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So, will the be called, 'The Old-Spice Girls'? The could possibly get a gig advertising men's aftershave lotion.

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@Graham DeShazo, that's a shocking thing to say. I shall write a more in depth rebuke after I stop chuckling.

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I'll tell you what I want what I really really want ; )

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Please go away and stay away, thx

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I just read an article in a mainstream Australian newspaper linking the reformation of the Spice Girls to #metoo, Time's Up and anti-Trumpism and saying that the band's revival would "help smash the patriarchy" in 2018.

I would've thought the fight against patriarchy would need something better going for it than the reformation of a manufactured bunch of no-talents with zero socio-political credibility. But apparently not.

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Nope, they are getting back together to promote a new greatest hits album that will shortly be released.

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