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Spider-Man is back on screen, but this time he's black and Latino

By Javier TOVAR

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Its kind of sad how the liberal left wing of the world is so intolerant and racist they think an actors background or race matters. Hollywood is so racist they have to constantly try to prive they are not by focusing in on or calling attention to the background of the actor.

For people not in a liberal or left wing mind, people are just people and an actor is judged on his ability to act, not on whatever shade of color his skin is. If Marvel came out next year with a spiderman who was japanese, it would not matter to the general population.

Judge others by content of character, biological differences are not a factor. It is kind of sad hollywood nor left wingers do not understand this.

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Well, the new actor DOES check off two boxes in the identity politics list- both black AND hispanic. Now if only he were gay or somehow transgender, he could be guaranteed a job for life in Hollywierd....

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I feel like with the current political climate, this was the wrong time to unveil this character. It's a shame because i like Miles and any other time it would have great to have a movie based on him.

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Andrew, tissue??..

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art is dead

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So excited for this movie !!

I am disappointed in a couple of the above comments. It's not a matter of political parties; it's a matter of representation in the media.

There is no shortage of white people in the media, and they will never be out of a job just because one person of color got a job.

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You missed the point. Don't misunderstand what people have a problem with. It's good to have heroes. Miles is a good character. There's lots to like. But why not just create new heroes instead of rewriting over old ones? It's Kathleen Kennedy all over again. If Luke Cage was made a white character that would have been whitewashing, and any turmoil from that would have been completely justified. But you suddenly can't understand why when the opposite happens to Spiderman??

When Robin became Nightwing, that was cool. But you can see how that could have been of any ethnicity and still be in the same universe. This Spiderman just needs a new cool name to expand the character into a new era without abandoning that history and previous incarnations.

From media moguls to gentile readers have to understand is that they don't have to replace characters to be relevant

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I believe the need to overwrite previous heroes comes from being scared and is a way of saying these new heroes can't stand on their own or else no one would understand what they are unless they are a repeat of a previous character. This robs them of their true emergence and saddles them with tropes and opinions that they didn't need

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@sf2k, i was specifically talking about the first two comments, since they reference race etc. I wasn't going after you.

If you wanna talk about the comic industry, what you are saying may be true, but they are never going to stop with all the different universes and reincarnations of characters, so I don't know if there's any use thinking so negatively about.

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Looking forward to this. Animation style looks great and loving the multiverse Spiderman variations. Of course, the comics have been doing this for years but after recent mashups at the cinema, The Lego Movie, Ready Player One etc, it makes sense to follow with this.

Unfortunately, here in Japan, we have to wait until March to head to the movie theatres. The constantly wounded broflakes who feel the usual pangs of terror and confusion need not attend.

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There is no shortage of white people in the media, and they will never be out of a job just because one person of color got a job.

They might if they start to be discriminated against, two wrongs cant make a right by definition.

Hopefully he was hired for what he brings to the character in which case its all good.

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Marvel universe's first black hero, Black Panther

Remind me, what color was Blade again? I guess he's probably hanging out with Ellen Ripley, after she lost the title of first strong female action movie character to Wonder Woman...

But why not just create new heroes instead of rewriting over old ones?

Miles Morales is Spider-Man in an alternate universe where Peter Parker died. This time, they didn't just change the character's race, it was part of a story that was already planned, so this argument doesn't really apply here.

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I’ll pass on this ‘alternate universe’

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Remind me, what color was Blade again?

People have such short memories! Mind you, the 3rd instalment in the trilogy kinda ended the franchise, which is a shame. But the character lives on in the comics and I believe there were a few excursions into telly over the years.

I know that Jon Watts, the director of Spiderman - Homecoming wants Blade for the sequel but as that's probably in the can at this stage, we might have to wait a bit longer for his big-screen resurection.

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The third Blade was a little silly, especially after the epic second one, but I still enjoyed it. Stay away from Blade's TV adventures. Trust me, just enjoy your memories of the films...

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