Spider-Man swings his way into 'Civil War'


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And he takes the wrong side.....

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Just like in the comic book... I wonder if, like in the comic, he will eventually choose the "right" side?

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More of a reminder not to watch ANY trailers because it'll take away enjoyment of the film

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How about Spiderman, Batman and Superman vs Predator, Alien and leading politicians?

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If the movie follows roughly on the comic... Spidy takes both sides. First he is sided with Iron Man, but at the end he switch sides to Captain. That move from Spidy leads to the conclusion of the Civil War (indirectly) and also forces Spidy and other Captain sided heroes to go underground. Spidy then joins the Secret Avengers....

After that a lot has taken place... and currently Spidy identity has become secret again... due to some deal I really really despise

But well... Spidy takes both sides. And to be honest, I don't think either side are "wrong"

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