Spielberg's push against Netflix at the Oscars hits a nerve


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If a movie is excellent let it qualify for and win an Oscar.

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So Netflix is taking on the hollywood establishment.. good on them.

while also reigniting the ongoing streaming versus theatrical debate.

I'll take ongoing streaming ANY day. Go Netflix!!

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Spielberg never lived in a town so remote and small that doesn't have a movie theatre, I suppose?


Many people in remote locations have very nice home theatres, BTW. Ours has a 120" screen with THX audio.


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theFu makes a good point. Or that Netflix is a far cheaper option as well. Spielberg sounds like someone defending the horse and buggy. Actually, in his case, as the world's biggest producer of buggies.

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THX audio

not so rare

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Here I thought Oscars was about talent! Silly me.

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I like Spielburg's work and enjoyed his recent movie "Ready Player One" (ironically I watched it on Netflix). But he comes off like a radio man defending radio against TV. The day of radio is over and now the TV/movie theater era has passed as well.

If the Oscars want to stay relevant they should allow any film to be entered regardless of how it is shown.

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I also wonder when the last time Spielberg took his family to a public theatre, not for any "event" or opening, bought some popcorn and had the "full" theater experience of people talking around him, reading their cell phones, getting up to do something else interrupting everyone around them - when was that?

Oddly, he is backing a new streaming service called "The Screening Room" https://www.slashfilm.com/the-screening-room/ - paying $50 to see a film in your home at the same time it is released to theaters.

With all this in mind, Variety](http://variety.com/2016/film/news/steven-spielberg-j-j-abrams-peter-jackson-sean-parker-screening-room-1201728374/) and [Deadline revealed that Spielberg, Abrams, Peter Jackson, Martin Scorsese and Ron Howard, as well as producers Brian Grazer and Frank Marshall, are throwing their support behind The Screening Room, with some even investing their own money in the venture.

Or is he simply pushing the most profitable method that his work is recognized, similar to why facebook hates privacy and anti-tracking legislation?

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The Oscars have been irrelevant for a long time. Meaningless.

Theyre just red carpet self aggrandizing/ virtue signalling opportunities by limousine liberal hypocrites these days. Cringe -worthy.

Whether a film won academy awards or not is of no consequence whatsoever.

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Hatred for the film industry is irrelevant and virtue signalling by those who flinch from hearing points of view different to their own. Audiences still go to the movies and there's nothing like a bit of competition. Roma provided the years best film, Netflix or not.

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