Spielberg wants new 'Indiana Jones' film before Ford hits 80


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Please. Do. Not. Go. There. Please.

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He will be older than Sean Connery was when he played Indi's father in '3', something not right there!

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And, of course, 'Indiana Jones IV' was such a good movie and Shia LeBeouf is such a big star these days!

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Good actors should remember a good advice: to retire when they are at their best.

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Wow Ford is approaching 80..... amazing... Keep it up!

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If it's anything like the last one, don't bother.

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I don't see why he should stop at 80 or even 100, he could get a lot of mileage out of a powered wheelchair.

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speilberg, you money-grubbing SOB, quit while you have a scintilla of cred left after that horrendous "movie" called IJ IV. ET must have stolen your brain to even think about doing another one.

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73 is no where near 80.

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Ideas for possible Indie movies. Indie 5- Circa 1950. Korean war. Indie infiltrates North Korea in order to steal the golden cane of Kim Il Sung because it ''belongs in a museum''. His elaborate plan entails stealthily exchanging the cane with his own one. Indie 6- Circa 1962. Cuban missile crisis. Indie manages to avert nuclear war with the help of his son and James Bondesque cholostomy bag. Indie 7- Circa 1970. Indo-chinese war. An ailing Indie wishes for immortality. He teams up with Short Round, who is now a professor at Saigon University. Together they go behind North Vietnamese/ Khmer Rouge lines in search of the elixir of life, rumored to be hidden among the ruins of Angkor Wat. Built by aliens, of course. But never fear, our indomitable hero has his high-powered electric wheelchair. Cameos by Kim senior and junior, Castro, JFK, uncle Ho and Pol Pot. Anybody? On second thoughts, Spielberg should have ended it after the third movie.

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@nakanoguy01 and @lolozo79,

I think we are all in agreement that IJ IV was a horrible movie. What's more, the end of IJ III actually put a nice end to IJ series. And the last scene of IJ III was a really good way to close it out.


But, no, we had to endure IJ IV. And now the possibility of an IJ V?? Shoot me already.

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IJ IV wasn't just a bad Indy film, it was a dull action movie full stop.

2 ( +2 / -0 )

All good just please no aliens!

1 ( +1 / -0 )

It could work if it isn't too athletic - Indiana Jones and the Shoppers of Doom, or something. And yes, no aliens, at least not the ones with slime and drool.

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I actually liked the kingdom of the crystal skull, because the story was good continuation from the game Indinana Jones and the fate of Atlantis back from 1992. The most horrible Indiana Jones is the temple of doom. Harrison Ford managed well in Crystall skull, but now he is too old.

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I have a good idea - replace the aging Ford with Chris Pine, who did such a bang-up job as Captain James T. Kirk in Star Trek!

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It would have to be something similar to what they're doing in Star Wars: the heroes of the older movies are now going to be less "hero" and more "mentor" to the young bucks who will be the heroes now. Indiana Jones 34 years after Nazi Germany would put him in 1979 or thereabouts... What happened in 1979? There was the fall of the Shah of Iran and the taking of hostages at Tehran's U.S. Embassy. I suppose they could have Indy doing an archaeological "dig" in Iran when all that goes down and the movie revolves around getting Indy out of that predicament.

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the veteran actor—who shot to fame playing Han Solo in the first “Star Wars” film

He (H. Ford) had a small part in Apocalypse Now. A really great film everyone forgets about.

Only if Francis Ford Cappola would've realized Harrison's potential . . . . prob woulda made a great costar with Martin Sheen.

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Star Wars "A New Hope" came out in 1977 while Apocalypse Now came out two years later. Harrison Ford's fame was already established. Ford actually already had a noticeable part in Lucas' highly successful "American Graffiti" four years earlier. I'm sure Coppola was well aware of him by the time "Apocalypse Now" came out.

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For number V I guess they need to revisit number III, because now Indy needs that holy grail.

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I can see it: "Raiders of the Lost Retirement Home."

0 ( +1 / -1 )

Let's be honest here... One Jones film was enough.

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I can see it: "Raiders of the Lost Retirement Home."

That idea is already taken.


This is actually a good film. Retirement home residents have to fight against ancient pharao's curse.

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Tanx for that--looks amazing.

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