Star Channel to air 'Earth Day' programs in April

By Tara Kim

Star Channel will air an original special program to mark the 40th anniversary of "Earth Day" on April 22. Actress Ikue Masudo, 46, will be the navigator for the show and talk about her environment activities and experiences from attending the Earth Day 2008 event in Japan.

Star Channel, in collaboration with the History Channel and Tohokushinsha Film Corporation will broadcast the program "Earth Day 2010" on April 22 free to air from 8:45 p.m.-9 p.m.

Other eco-programs planned for April include “Earth” on THE CINEMA, “The 11th Hour” on Star Channel and programs on three other themes such as “Getting to Know the Earth,” “The Environment” and “Managing the Environment” on HISTORY CHANNEL.

Masudo said she tries to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. She said she eats at home 70-80% of the time, using ingredients she made or grown herself.

“I think the most important thing is we should get to know the truth about the state of the Earth's environment and then think about what we can do about it," Masudo said.

For screening times for the various programs, visit http://star-ch.jp/.

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Star channel is a movie channel, no? I got cable to escape the J-twaddle. If they are going to start getting 'earth-friendly' on the movie channel, it's time to search for a new cable company. Play the movies.

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I am losing faith in star channel and they are about to lose me as customer after many years. First, they took one channel away from me making it 100% dubbed in japanese. Then they started showing dubbed movies in HDTV, stealing more from my schedule. After that, they started showing some useless announcers talking rubbish before and after movies, just stealing air time. Formula is simple: less air times for movies, less money they have to spend on them. Last year they increased monthly fees, despite country wide deflation, lower dollar rate, and lower quality program; and now this!

The only reason I keep them for now, is that they don't have competition, but this may change.

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nisegaijin : 100% agree. I actually called up the office to complain about the HD channel sapping time with J-only language. At the very least, they could offer the choice of original lanquage, plus the Japanese option. Like every new 'International' enterprise, it's only a matter of time before it reverts back to the S-O-S.

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nisegaijin, ask one of your mates or family back home to get a slingbox. I watch all the British freeview channels online now. Sky in Japan is a joke, after Star started Japanofying their channels and showing dated crap, i stopped my subsciption.

These are cheap programmes and it is a shame really. These programmes wont be atched by many as so few have Sky in Japan.

Compare the amount of sattelite and cable users to other countries and the figures are amazing. Seems like the locals enjoy terrestrial telly, i don`t, they can stuff it.

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Dropped it two years ago for showing the same programs for weeks on end.

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Dropped my Sky service 12 years ago and now the only thing I watch is the NHK 7 PM news a few times a week (great for curing constipation!) TV is something I don't miss one bit!

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