Star maker Simon Cowell heads to YouTube to find new talent


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This guy sickens me, he is a vision of the future of the industry , as provided by Charlie Brooker.

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His shows ratings are sliding because they are rubbish. And to say he "invented" talent competitions is just stupid. What he did was introduce the kind of acerbic and patronising judges that allow us to be cruel and codescending to the contestants. Much like his own cynical approach to the people who appear on his shows in the hope of becoming famous (whereas most of them end up beinf treated like s++t). Food Glorious Food is such s tupid concept and now this, designed to encourage every hopeful to enter. no way will they be able to cope with the flood of stuff that people upload. See "Star Stories" episode on Simon Cowell for a funny look at his "life".

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Despite what people may feel about him, Simon Cowell is a cash magnet! Very few people get as rich as he by being nice and anyone who thinks different is sorely mislead...Simon Cowell is a thoroughly unpleasant fellow and its his job. There just isnt any money in being a flowery-tongued saint.

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let him find a JPOP star...

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Here in the UK he's a figure of fun... no-one takes him seriously and his bullying approach to judging on these lousy TV programmes has made him pretty unpopular. I think the only people who care about what he does are 12 - 16 year old girls who go weak as the latest anaemic boy-band created for the "X Factor" warble their way to the top of the charts, success paid for by massaged sales figures.

Cynical? Moi?

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Tired of this guy, as well. Everybody, ain t gonna be know Elvis, MJ, Sinatra, Diana, Marvin, Bob, Mandela, Diana, Smokey, Lionel, Nate, Julio-Piscasso, Bach, Mozart...

Now, take a look, at all the shows, he has been involved with, tell me, how many of these idols have really gone on to do anything...fake go to the Karokee singers, wanna be`s, man to be able to do what Whitney did, is a gift from GOD, Queen, Freddie Mecury, INXS guy who killed himself, Jim Morrison, Jani, Jimi...

Now, because of these reality, not real, fake, everybody, think they can be a star...Andy Warhol quote....15 min. of fame.

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I can tell you, he, meaning, SC, like many others, suffering from something, Anyway, when he gonna, come out the closet? wanna be famous, be like the girl, who was under ex-Pres. Clinton`s, desk n d Oval Office, she got paid, she remaining silent, I would 2, if I got the cash, she did, but, she ain t feeling to good, sold her soul for the gold.

don give it, to what they want. if you really got it, just produce it yourself and believe in yourself and your talents, never give your soul or body to them, you will regret it. I never would, so they hate me, GOD.

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Cash magnet. you really think, money, make you happy! At the end of the day, he just like you and me. Anybody, seen Elvis or Steve Jobs, lately, or MJ. Flushed with money. Sure, what they, and others, would do, for another chance. How much, did SJ, spend to find the fountain of youth, should have just went to Jamaica and chilled with the RASTA MAN

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Oh wow! Hope he catches the video of me blowing up a saucepan and then mooning the camera. Chiba Chicks Got Talent! :) Sadly no one else agrees....

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I will never understand how this bloke got credited with the notion of being the cruel face of talent shows. way back in the 80's there was a harridan called Nina Myskow on a UK talent show called New Faces (itself a rehash of a successful formula) who was pilloried and well-paid for telling people their clear limitations. How people can believe Simon Cowell invented something new with that schtick is bewildering.

But not quite as bewildering as how talent vacuums such as Amanda Holden, Piers Morgan and Nicky Minaj get to be the arbiters of who has marketable ability. Every single member of the current American Idol line up could fart more talent than Minaj has ever possessed. Talking fast with a big arse is not talent.

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