Star of British TV hit 'The Professionals' dies aged 67


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Ah Bodie. Although he never went on to replicate the success of his partnefr Doyle. Who is now Judge John Deed and InpectoA George Gently..... Despite having a really dodgy barnet when he was in the Professionals. The souped up Ford Capri was the real star of the show.

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Collins was interviewed for 007, but the producers decided he was too aggressive for the role, so ended up with ladies' man Roger Moore…groan…. (LOL).

Good interplay with Doyle, though they were never as tight as Reagan and Carter in the Sweeney, and their long-suffering boss...

Mr. Cowley, sir! Here 's a good single malt for you! Och aye Bodie! There's nae sech thing as a bad single malt, dinna ya ken anything?

RIP Bodie….always preferred the RS2000 with the droop snoot!

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I used to watch him in the Professionals every Saturday night during the early 80s back home. It was such a great such with a great cast and that Ford Capri was very cool. I've never really enjoyed Saturday night tv since then that much. Some good shows around of course, but nothing equals the Professionals. Actually I think he would have been a great James Bond, a 80s version of Daniel Craig.

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My sister was in the Professionals Fan Club, and she was deeply upset yesterday.

RIP Lewis... you made late '70s TV a bit more exciting.

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Really sad. A cool customer who would've been a great Bond. The Professionals was a classic - Gordon Jackson, Martin Shaw, Lewis and a Capri. Who couldn't like that line up?

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ah some more terrible news - he was always my favorite Professional.

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RiIP, I loved that show, it was one of my favorites back in the day, very sad news indeed. Collins was a fine and classy actor, never over the top. Why always the great actors leave us too soon?

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Was still young and had few memories of the show, but I remember that I enjoyed watching it along with that funky intro. RIP Collins aka Bodie of CI5.

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