'Star Trek' actor Anton Yelchin dies in car accident


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Very sorry to hear this. Rest in peace.

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Heartbreaking. Far too young to go.

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A very sad story. I first saw him in "Huff", and thought he was an excellent young actor. A tragedy - I feel so sorry for his family and friends.

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I enjoyed his performances, Star Trek, Alpha Dog, even Terminator Salvation. This is sad news.

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Poor kid, what a way to go and still so young.

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“The news is so sad and true,” Jennifer Allen said in a statement.

The dumbest statement EVER!!! It's sad because it's true?!? DUH!!!

Yelchin “was killed in a fatal traffic collision early this morning,” she added. “His family requests you respect their privacy.”

I have no idea what to make of that statement. The 'other news' outlets stated that Yelchin was simply killed because his vehicle had started to roll on his steep driveway and he ended up getting pinned between the car and the base of a mailbox. What collision and in what traffic. Please don't make up crap that didn't happen. It was at best a freak accident IF say the hand brake had been applied and failed. No one knows and won't until an investigation is done.

Rest in peace Anton.

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The dumbest statement EVER!!! It's sad because it's true?!? DUH!!!

She didn't say that, she said sad and true. And does not equate to because.

For example, "I'm hungry and bored". My boredom does not stem from my hunger.

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I recognize him but unsure which movie I saw him in because I missed the Star Trek movies. RIP!

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wontond: Terminator Salvation!! THAT'S the one I first saw him in! Thanks for that. Was bugging me.

Anyway, tragic way to go, and way too young as well. He seemed to have a pretty promising future. RIP.

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He was wonderful in Odd Thomas. RIP =(

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I'm really upset about this... but that's life, can always be taken away in the blink of an eye. Really liked his acting.

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I guess Yelchin will be up for one more award....the Darwin Award.

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Too bad. Great actor.

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Oh my god, this is tragic and an absolutely horrific way to die.

He was a true actor, about the role and not the limelight. So sad.

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Just 2 days ago I was watching the Star Trek movies on Netflix and his performance in the 2nd movie was absolute class! A great young actor who will never be forgotten. Taken too young. R.I.P. Anton.

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It's hard to believe just how someone can get run over by their own car in their own driveway while no one is behind the wheel. Handbrakes work, folks.

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RIP, that's some Final Destination stuff right there

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really a great actor. Saw a double bill and didn't even realize he was in both (ST, T:Sal) until after. Quite the talent. See all his movies to get a sense of his range and he was just getting going.

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I know he was better known for other work but in 2010 Anton Yelchin starred with Maki Horikita, Ken'ichi Matsuyama, Yuya Tegoshi and Emma Roberts in Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac. He played Ace, Horikita's tennis star boyfriend. It was a movie filled with teenage angst, but Yelchin did a fine job of playing the narcissistic boyfriend.

May he rest in peace.


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I smell lawsuit,the late model Grand Cherokee he was killed by was under recall for rollaway problems

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I liked him. What a sad way to die.

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@ Sensei258 yes.... http://gizmodo.com/anton-yelchin-death-jeep-cherokees-were-recalled-for-c-1782255236 They weigh about 1700 kg (Toyota Land Cruisers typically 2400kg, our Noah about 1500kg. Beware!).

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I was watching the Star Trek movies on Netflix and his performance in the 2nd movie was absolute class!

Anton didn't have Russian accent, but it was so funny how he can "fake" it for the movies (trivia from the 1st DVD)... He was so talented and I'm sad that someone that young had to leave us so early

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