'Star Wars: Episode VII' gets Dec 2015 release


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Star Wars 7? I hope they get back to making good films like the first two. No silly animals making Tarzan noises, rambling dialogue, a little green alien somersaulting around while having sword fights and words like 'younglings'. I spat my beer out all over the table in laughter when I heard that. Guinness isn't cheap over here.

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Yeah I don't think they'll go there again. When Ewan McGregor delivers that line about "killing younglings" he actually puts his hand over his face to hide a smirk. I think the problem was that no one had the balls to tell Lucas just how much some of that stuff sucked.

Abrams will do what he always does, make a solid enjoyable film that holds your interest for a couple of hours, but one that you probably won't think much about after that and probably won't have a burning desire to watch again.

They'll never get near the first two films though.

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And please, sic the Death Star on Jar-Jar Binks!

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Heck, sic the Death Star on C3-PO, ha ha!

If Abrams' Star Trek movies are any indication, this Star Wars movie will be worth watching.

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I just had to post this...

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If Abrams' Star Trek movies are any indication, this Star Wars movie will be worth watching.

You have got be joking! The 1st Start Trek was great. The 2nd, on the other hand was was a joke.

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J.J. Abrams or not this will still be a Disney movie aimed at merchandise and attractions.

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@FizzBit - The second J.J. Abrams Star Trek was a joke, eh? Well, I sure enjoyed it, and it's made around a half billion dollars worldwide. Maybe you've been playing Fizzbin? Ha ha

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Nice Serrano. BTW, I didn't thumbs down you. Glad you enjoyed it. You must not be a fan of the oldies, cuz if you were, taking bits and pieces from the 60's TV series and the 80's movie and revamping it into a 2012 movie package, just shows the lack of writing and imagination these days. It was a pathetic movie!

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All you have to do is watch Episode I, first time, it was awesome, but after the 3rd time, you really understand at how bad it really was, I mean, really. Lucas created an amazing film, however, he's a horrible story teller. With great characters and and if you have someone like Jackson or Abrams taking over the project, I think you would have a legend in the making instead of a mockery. Jar Jar Binks, Ewoks, stupid one liners. Come on! Anakin waking up on the table finding out he's Darth and his beloved is dead and screaming, Noooooo. There has to be a better way and hopefully, these new films under Disney will bring out what these films were meant to do, bring awe and enjoyment and leave all the childish silliness on the cutting floor.

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Well, I'm hoping for the best, but I guess the previous writer is out because he couldn't write fast enough to meet the deadline. We'll have to hope the current crew can write quickly but well.

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If J.J adds lens flare, I want my money back. Deal?

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And NO shaky cam please.

Could be worse they could have hired Mr. Bay to do it.

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WOW, seems to me, Someone likes Jar Jar and the Ewoks.

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