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'Star Wars' movies to be released online


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uh, we've already done that. And not the Lucas sticky fingered ones either.

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The six original “Star Wars” movies are being released online...

Six original Star Wars movies? Ahem, that should be THREE original...

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I wish they were actually the 'original' original Star Wars movies. Unfortunately, the special edition (non-original) versions are being released. At some point it would be nice to see the 1977, 1980 and 1983 releases in HD.

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I wonder how many people own multiple copies of each film in various formats and releases and how many will also buy these to add to their collections. Because I'm thinking more than a few. I also think if they released the un-retouched original trilogy in this format they'd get those same people to double-dip for that as well.

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Han shot first!

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I agree! He did!

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Awesome! Now I [buffering] can watch [buffering] all my fav[buffering]its again!

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There are four original movies... to include the 1979 Holiday Special which did have the original cast.

And these are not even close to the original films. All six have even more added footage than the George Lucas Special (Ed)ition.

Granted, the 2nd light-saber battle from Obi and Ani does look epic. That was actually in the book and should have been included.

just 20 bucks a pop! Sorry, I don't have 20 bucks to waste on something that should be on Netflix by now!

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money money money

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"Star Wars: a New Hope” (1977)"

The first Star Wars movie was "a New Hope" eh?

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