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'Star Wars' toys discovered in bin bags net £400,000 for UK couple

By John D McHugh

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I had a lot of those Star Wars toys as a kid in the early 80s. They were sold for pennies at garage sales in the late 80s.

In the late 00s I got really nostalgic for them and ended up buying most of the ones I had as a kid, and some that I had always wanted. Very glad that I did that when I did it as they weren't too expensive then, I think it would cost me about 10 times as much if I were to try to do that today.

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I still groan inwardly when I think of all the SW stuff I had in the 70s - and I even kept the packaging. Then there were the comics, and books etc.

So what happened? A few years passed and I thought I'd sell or give them away. Aaargh!

Anyway, fair play to the lucky couple. A nice early xmas present.

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Proof yet again that all things are worth what someone will pay for them. That's just the way it is. The original SW trilogy are so much better than the later films, and were a cultural phenomenon that the others were not.

400 grand GBP is a lot of money to be gifted, so I hope they are generous with it.

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I still groan inwardly when I think of all the SW stuff I had in the 70s - and I even kept the packaging. 

I still have an Evel Knievel toy motorbike and a Space 1999 Eagle.

Any offers?

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Why can't I find a neighbor like that!

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One mans junk is another mans treasure

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I have a few early 80s Star Wars figures, well used. I don't think that they are worth very much. I should have left them in the boxes and stared miserably at them.

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