Stars sparkle at Met Gala in New York


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Yawn. To paraphrase a 1979 Loverboy song:

'The girl! Is hot tonight! Whoh-oah! So hot tonight! But where will she be tomorrow?'.....

Have a happy famous fifteen minutes, babes.

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High priestess of fashion ?

What the heck.

Since when is fashion a religion ?

God awefuly ostentatious perhaps .

I've heard of dressed to kill but however dressed to vomit is something new.

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Starving kids around the world. What a waste.

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"US rapper Megan Thee Stallion"...

What is it? And of what possible relevance to this country?

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There are some individuals who become part of "High Society" throuhg their activities or accomplishments. Then there are the hordes of Socialites who do nothing but just spend fortunes, often inhereited, to simply remain in the High Society circles and feed their egos.

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People having fun, let them

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Elon's cheeky, whimsical pose is absolutely delightful!

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3RENSHOMay 3  04:07 pm JST

"US rapper Megan Thee Stallion"...

What is it? And of what possible relevance to this country?

She's a vulgar bad rapper who is obscene in her songs and even worse in her videos. A sex symbol with no substance whatsoever. And like my previous posting, she's here today and gone tomorrow.

'Megan Thee Stallion' - a notorious name to catch attention. That's what she wants and loves. She won't be remembered 15 years from now.

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And now in our well-known and beloved section..

Pathetic faded stars of the pathetic showbiz and their pathetic eccentric clownish parties of vanity, falsehood and self-indulgence...

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