Steamy new Miley Cyrus video sets viewing record


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It is a very good video in my opinion. She looks very sexy, and can actually hold a tune with a powerful lovely voice. I rate it an A.

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Good song too, that's one in the eye for all the conservative haters.

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Why can't she keep her tongue inside her mouth? She looks like a slavering dog.

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What is the world coming to? A frog has more talent than this girl. The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. Her dads terrible song "achy breaky heart" still resonates in the back of my cranium. That was the worst and she's no better. No matter how much twerking she does. Why people call this music is so beyond me.

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I'm not on the Miley Cyrus bandwagon yet, but the young lady seems to know what she's doing, and does it well.

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It just goes to show that talent, as any art, is strictly in the eyes and ears of the beholder. Miley Cyrus as well as her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, of course, are talented. It's all a matter of degrees and personal taste. I enjoyed watching "Hannah Montana" on the Disney Channel with my youngest daughter - it was a sweet, fun show. People are still talking about her MVA performance a week+ later and what more could any performer hope for, right??

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As a warm-blooded male who likes nothing more than good music and a sexy woman, I couldn't even make it to the end of this video. What uninspired drivel.

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Why can't she keep her tongue inside her mouth?

It may be hanging tongue syndrome.


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It's got nearly 50 million views on YouTube. Incredible...

"a frog has more talent than this girl"


" I'd wreck the ... out of her"


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I've seen better talent then her, but you gotta see it from a marketing and money making point of view, she gets people to buy or watch her stuff. If people didnt like it, they wouldnt by it. simple as that. People get famous all over the world from doing stupid sheit. You put something out there, they either like it or not.

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