Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin to co-host Oscars


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I wonder why they didn't invite Hugh Jackman back. By all accounts, he did a superb job this year.

I don't know why they invited Baldwin. Is he known for comedy? Anyway, they should just give Billy Crystal the job for life.

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Jackman was offered but turned it down.I mean he is an actor,not an MC.Maybe he will do it again in a couple of years.But inviting that Republican political hack of a train wreck in Baldwin ??? The place is gonna be ice cold.Martin is going to have his work cut out big time keeping the mood.

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He is busy with so many projects. From what you saw last year, his show took a lot of time and work to get perfect. Performing live in front of the industry's elite is extremly difficult to pull off like he did.

Onder why they didnt give the show all to Baldwin. I guess they figure he is not funny enough, and Martin will be the comic relief. Baldwin may not be irreverent, but he sure can act and do comedy.

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Hope Steve Martin plays his banjo and sings a few tunes. He's pretty good!

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Baldwin has been doing comedy off-and-on for a long time. His appearances on SNL 10 or 15 years ago were hilarious. Along Came Polly. Bloody funny. And now 30 Rock. He's got comedy chops. It seems like the academy is playing to different audiences by hiring two hosts. Like a radio station that plays all genres of music, and sucks balls. Trying to please everyone ends up pleasing no one.

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