Steve McQueen Exhibition to be held at Marunouchi OAZO


Marunouchi OAZO is hosting a very special exhibition commemorating the life of famed 1960s movie star Steve McQueen from Nov 24-28. The exhibition will display a collection of the actor’s private photos taken by his last wife, Barbara McQueen, as well as movie posters and personal effects, such as costumes and props used in his films.

This year commemorates the 80th anniversary of McQueen’s birth and 30th anniversary of his death. To mark the occasion, his book “The Last Mile” will be published in Japanese for the first time.

On Nov 26, Barbara McQueen will be at Marunouchi OAZO to discuss aspects of her late husband’s life, including past movie roles, with Tokyo University Prof Kang Sang-jung, a well-known television celebrity in Japan and avid Steve McQueen fan.

The exhibition is open from 11 a.m. until 9 p.m. (7 p.m. on Nov 28).

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Steve McQueen. The epitome of cool. Nobody like you now. Nobody comes close.

Any chance of this exhibit making the rounds? Osaka? Nagoya? I'd love to see it were it closer. In fact, I'd make a trip down especially for it.

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Truly one of the greatest movie icons ever. Papillon, The Great Escape, The Sand Pebbles, Bullitt, etc., McQueen riveted your attention when he was on the screen.

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Any Steve fans should check put the song "Steve McQueen." Great tribute to the coolest man whoever lived.

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Forgot to mention that the song is by the Drive-by Truckers.

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I like Steve but I do not think he was that great, but if other people really like him and his movies, wonderful. I am more into Clint Eastwood.

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The "Harvey Mushman" of motorcycling.

Elsinore GP, Baja 1000, ISDT.

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SM is simple the epitome of the word "Cool".

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yep he was top man; very cool but honestly, i think its becuase he was what women liked to look at and whet men aspired to be..

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I am more into Clint Eastwood.

Taking nothing away from Eastwood, McQueen could convey toughness and a charming playfulness at the same time.

That combination is extremely rare.

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Wow. I am jealous. I wish I could see this exhibition. JT, a few pics of the day from the EXPO would be appreciated (hint hint).


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I went to the exhibition last night and met Steve's lovely wife and had her sign my book. The Maruzen staff refused to let me have my book signed as I didn't buy it there so I went to Barbara directly and she happily signed it. The J-version of the book is three times the cost of the English version of course. I was the only non-J in attendance so it was easy to talk to her, nice person.

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Actually he in combination with his 68'er Mustang GT in Bullit was the epitome of "cool"! Talking about the Mustang ... it it on display too?

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No, no mustang, and the bikes are replicas. His wife even admitted she never kept a single machine he ever owned. Weird.

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