Stevie Wonder says he's getting a kidney transplant


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Hope everything goes well. Love his music. If anyone has a chance, check out the video of superstition being played on Sesame Street. It’s on YouTube.

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One of the greats

Yes. The man oozes talent.

Get well soon, Stevie.

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Last summer I spent a day driving around in Chiba with my wife's aunt, who had Songs In The Key Of Life on permanent replay. I hadn't heard it in donkey's years and was amazed at how good it still sounded, around 40 years after it was released. Good man Stevie, get well soon.

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Godspeed, Stevie!

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A few years back on a slow weekday afternoon Stevie Wonder showed up at an AT&T store on Connecticut Avenue above Dupont Circle between Hillyer Place and R Street NW. He got in line like everybody else, not bringing any attention to himself, and didn't get noticed by the employees and until he reached the counter. The employees were delighted. Wonder was there to buy two of the latest version of the iPhone, touting their ease of use for those with disabilities. Stevie sounds like a true gentleman.

Wishing you a speedy and full recovery.

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A wunderkind of extraordinary talent. His output in the first half of the 70s is peerless. Get well soon, Stevie.

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I hope it is a complete success!


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