Stifled by pandemic, U.S. movie theaters send SOS

By Thomas URBAIN

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It’s a sad situation. The big studios don’t want to take a hit and get as much money at they can, thus delaying their movies till next year. However, will movie theaters still be in business by the time the pandemic is over? Studios are gonna have to release movies for the theaters to show or they won’t have any way to distribute their movies except via online streaming services.

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It doesn't make sense to use tax money to prop up an industry based on obsolete technology.

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Manny, I was looking for economics also in this article. How many full-time jobs are at stake? Seems that the last time I was in a theater, granted that was many years ago (before comic book hero movies even) the employees were kids with part time jobs.

Also, as you say, it is a lingering vestige of movie distribution, but Hollywood has always had to be forced into the new model.

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