Still working '9 to 5,' Dolly Parton marks 50 years at Opry


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Love Dolly! Her endurance exemplifies what it takes to really make it. She has charm like no one else!

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She’s been doing it since the late 1960’s. Always loved her humility and beautiful voice.

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A talented singer and actor. Long may she continue.

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she had some great music back when country was classic, along with the Oakridge boys, Statler brothers, Barbara Mandrell, Crystal Gale, Ronnie Milsap, Hank Williams Jr, Don Williams and other legends ( I can almost remember them all). Country unfortunately went to hell, starting in the late 80s. Some dabbled in it to get started, like Taylor Swift, but now its just all crap. in the classic country days, it was always a great feeling to hear the music, something real about it, all missing now.

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50 year in the music business, that's out standing, its down to the testament of quality songs, stage presence, ability to sing, she's a true artist! unlike so called rappers, most of them have disappeared off the radar after 50 days let alown 50 years!!

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I'm not really a fan of Dolly's music, but I still really admire and respect her as a musician, a songwriter and a performer with the charm and talent to hold on to the respect and loyalty of her fans. 50 years at the top is truly a great achievement, and I guess you Dolly fans can say that if some of us aren't that into her music, it's our loss. She's always seemed to me to be a real person, despite the hair and the spangles and all - something you could say about a lot of country artists.

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Dolly was great as Doralee Rhodes in 9 to 5

Franklin M. Hart Jr.:

I'm a married man, Mrs. Rhodes!


Frank, you belong to your wife at home, but you're my boy from 9 to 5!

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Does anyone here think she may be country's answer to the Rolling Stones, in terms of career continuation and longevity that is? Kenny Rogers is a cohort from her generation and he can't perform anymore.

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