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Sting, Deep Purple return to Montreux Jazz Festival

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'Jazz Festival'. Funny how names get twisted in this Orwellian world. When I was on the famous tour bus in Ottawa a few years ago, our guide told us about the Ottawa Jazz Festival and she comically referred to the 'jazz' acts that it featured in the past such as Garth Brooks, Jay Z and Cheap Trick. Of course, jazz is one of the roots of rock'n'roll but still......

Sting would make a good fit for this, however. Much of his early solo music is a sort of jazz-rock and he's a Renaissance man of music anyway. I've seen him two times, I can tell.

Veteran British heavy rockers Deep Purple will be appearing for the 10th time, extending their deep connections with the town: famously, their hit "Smoke on the Water" chronicles witnessing the 1971 fire that destroyed the Montreux Casino.

Oh yeah? There's a cannibis dispensary at the Tyconderoga Mohawk Reserve called 'Smoke On the Water' (I'm not kidding) and I bought a few good legal spliffs there. Of course Deep Purple is one of the first heavy metal bands and I'm sure they've been inspired by jazz.

There's the bust of Miles Davis overlooking it all. Then again he invented jazz rock fusion himself with that groundbreaking late 60's album 'Bitch's Brew' (why did he name it that?).

As for the other acts, just like in Ottawa - jazz? Good music yeah but is it jazz?

Oh well, it's all in the name I guess. What's in a name anyway, anymore?

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