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Streaming giants battle for anime supremacy

By Tomohiro OSAKI

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From what I see Disney is playing it safe and almost exclusively presents series and movies that are very popular, Prime goes to the other side and it seems it puts a huge lots of things even if they are of really low quality, Netflix seems the most balanced and some of the animation it produces turn out relatively well, entertaining even if not worth a prize.

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Things i like and find meaningful wont ever be there

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Hopefully it goes better than Netflix x Fuji TV Terrace House debacle.

Be that as it may, I hardly watch Anime anymore because the committee system puts out homogeneous junk and self censorship means far less risks are taken in character interactions compared to the 90s era.

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I wish they would be willing to lose -- they are just destroying themselves as they trade good content with rubbish domestic cartoons.

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I have no interest in anime I’m afraid, though my dear partner is an avid viewer. She seems to watch Prime and Netflix the most.

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