Streaming music may make cases like Katy Perry's more common


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Lawyers doing what they do best, destroying all that's good.

Popular music has always borrowed heavily, that's what makes it so dynamic. It doesn't arise out of nowhere, but develops new ideas that build on existing ideas. Musicians were mostly fine with that until recently. Lawyers are doing their best to kill it. How will anyone be motivated to create if they have to look over their shoulder all the time and worry that there is already something similar to their song? And that they may be sued for everything they earn? Might see more musicians just dropping out.

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This Katy Perry decision is a problem, as neither the notes nor the tempo nor the lyrics are the same. This essentially lets musicians copywrite a direction of tones - which music will always share between songs. That's how music works.

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The only reason Katy Perry lost this battle was due to the laymen jurors not having the education/knowledge to understand what was being said. Had the case been decided by a panel of trained persons in the music industry with complete education in music theory, the case would have been thrown out.

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After looking into this, I have decided to copyright the 12-bar blues scale, and sue virtually every rock band in existence. My ancestors will never have to work again.

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Katy would be crushed if nobody applauds her. Good argument though. She needs hits...…….

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Statistics mean nothing. 'Under Pressure' by David Bowie and Queen made it to #11 in the USA in 1982 but Vanilla Ice ripped the whole song off and rapped over it, calling it 'Ice Ice Baby'. That went to #1 on the Billboard Chart in the autumn of 1990 but Bowie and Queen sued him for outright plagiarism - which it was, and it was the largest such case in UK music history. Vanilla Ice was nailed but good and his career never fully recovered. Not even the case of Rolling Stones vs. The Verve in the case of 'Bittersweet Sympathy' (Top 10 in the US) in 1997 was this bad, but then again - that case wasn't quite a plagiaristic or creative issue in the first place, It was more a case of copywrite owners and business which the Stones themselves didn't go along with in the first place.

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