Streaming subscription boom boosts U.S. music sales


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Finally the music industry is seeing the light. Back in 2001 the record companies were thinking about buying Napster, but they decided to sue it instead, because they could and selling CDs were more profitable. But you can't put the genie back to the bottle. Digital distribution is much more comfortable and that is what people want. Most of teens have never bought a single CD and they probably never will.

Some artists are less enthusiastic, however, saying that streaming proceeds cannot ensure sustainable livelihoods except for top stars.

These artists are supposed to get their livelihoods from live performance. Selling records was gold mine to record companies, not to the artists. Of course marketing sucks, but nowadays you don't have play guitar well on the MTV, Youtube is enough. The only outside help the artists need is producer and manager. That's it.

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Nothing compares to the sweet warm sound of vinyl.

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