Streaming wars heat up as rivals queue up to challenge Netflix

By Rob Lever

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The biggest issue for Netflix is that it has an incredible amount of debt and will lose a lot of premium content. Justifying its price increases will become more difficult especially as more competition enters the market.

This is a bankruptcy waiting to happen.

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Yes, please more competition. Anything to make the services reinvent and improve themselves to keep the quality up. I like Netflix but it needs an overhaul, especially in usability and content.

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I subscribe to UK Netlfix. The ONLY thing that keeps me subscribed is the amount of Japanese content. If it wasn't for the that, I wouldn't subscribe. Anything Japanese after 2016 comes with English and Japanese subtitles which is great for picking up phrases. If you don't understand something, you flick it to Japanese subtitles and then you can read it. That's awesome. Sometimes it can take ages to watch a show though! Content wise, Netflix UK isn't great and if the price gets too much, I'll just stop.

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Netflix like personal selection, but with radio waves (it can be done). This way, just like with antenna tv, it would be free - commercials pay for it.

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There aren't many Asian shows. Netflix is for American & British shows.

Classic Japanese Films

HK Good old Shaw Brother Films

HK 80s/90s Action Comedy

1985 - 2005 Korean Movies

SouthEast Asian Films

Japanese Dramas

Japanese B Rated Movies

If they choose these, they will have more subscribers.

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With the fragmentation of streaming platforms, it's like paying for separate TV channels all over again

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