Streisand's new memoir says she's 'still hurt' by insults over looks


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The best singer of all time.

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Always found it childish, funny, and naive that some feel there is only 'one' who is the best of all time. The best composer, actor, writer, guitarist, movie, album, book, director, etc., of all time!! Really???

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Very sorry to hear that she suffered from such insults. But countless other people do as well, except they don't have the talent or are lucky enough to become world recognized multimillionaire celebrities. So suck it up Babs.

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Streisand  is too sensitive about her looks. So what if she isn't Hollywood beautiful. She worked on her career and that's what counts. Her whining about her looks distracts from what she did and lessens quality of what she did. Have a little pride and push on.

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I'm not a great fan, but have enjoyed her singing and movies. She was always pretty to my eyes. Certainly she realizes that very few people actually know "her", but just the projection of her which is very different. With more outside scrutiny, she had it harder to realize that than most non-public people, but it is still a realization that everyone eventually needs to understand as they mature.

"I wish I could say none of this affected me, but it did. Even after all these years, I'm still hurt by the insults and can't quite believe the praise," writes Streisand in excerpts published in People magazine.

Outside criticism impacts everyone, just a bit. Listen to it, if you agree, do something about it. If not, put it out of your mind and live your life ignoring the idiots. Physical aspects outside any reasonable control isn't worth spending time on. I certainly wouldn't spend $20 to de-accent any facial feature and no way would I have surgery that wasn't medically necessary.

Thankfully, I've never wanted to be famous or too wealthy. Just anonymous and comfortable with "enough" money to have a very, very, nice life for me and those who I love.

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