Stressed 'Game of Thrones' star Kit Harington getting treatment


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Sudden fame and wealth can be quite disorienting. Though I am sure some quality time north of the wall with his faithful dog and a good Wilding woman will bring him back to earth.

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Didn't he get married very recently?

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He has a mental illness and is being treated. Leave him alone. Some of the comments on twitter from Game of Thrones fans have been appalling.

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Poor dear.  no wonder he always looked constipated in the final series.

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calling it "terrifying

Sheesh, I’m glad I didn’t watch if it sends this guy to rehab.

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He's being supported by his wife.

Acting can take a toll.

I knew a famous actor, who is now deceased. In a movie he had to play alongside an imagery cartoon character who wasn't actual on the set. The movie took about six months to shoot. The carton character was added at the editing stage. The actor was cuckoo for several months because he was followed everywhere by this imagery cartoon character.

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Everything's got a price.

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Stress, exhaustion and alcohol use are not "a mental illness". They're normal and understandable reactions to living life in a highly exposed and challenging role where everything you do is under scrutiny.

Apart from that, I agree. Leave the guy alone.

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@BigYen. He's being treated for alcohol dependence. A mental health problem.

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I can only imagine how much harrassment he's received from 'fans' about the end of the show. Like it was his fault. Most actors and actresses miss being on a hit show once it ends, but I can only imagine how happy they all are to be done with it thanks to so many of the 'fans' behavior.

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