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Strong first night for 'Star Wars' falls short of previous 2


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People who have casually viewed the previous films may enjoy this one. Those who have grown up on numerous viewings and a great love for the original trilogy, probably not as much. The title of this one is wrong. It’s actually the Fall of Skywalker, Rise of Palpatine. Disney has truly ended the Skywalker saga … by destroying it.

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Entertaining, but I find the whole concept of a few families presiding over the entire galaxy a bit daunting.

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Luke should have been destroying Star destroyers using his force piloting skills in an x-wing, the suncrusher should have made an appearance, Mara Jade and luke battling would have shown an equality in skill and respect that turns to love. Han and Leia should have had a happy marriage with 3 children and not been on the run so much, inroducing new talent, all in all, if they wanted to bring something original to the screen, they should have brought the original ideas in the books to life.

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Dont forget star wars holiday special.

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