Study finds diversity in film criticism lacking


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oh, here we go.

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Then perhaps percentage based critics. If 12% of US pop are blacks, then out of 100 critics, 12 should be black. Half should be female.

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I think Rotten Tomatoes does a pretty decent job of presenting a cross section of society. For example, here are the topic critics for Crazy Rich Asians, which I've not seen:


Of the 40 listed, 16 are women and I count 10 with Asian or Latin names. Since many don't have photos, it's hard to determine the real demographics. Of course, I tend to go by who writes the best or has the most thorough knowledge of film. So, I dig Wesley Morris and Justin Chang, who I've been reading for years, long before they gained their current plum gigs. But I also loved Roger Ebert, and AO Scott regularly writes some great stuff.

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I love expensive social science research that tells us the bleeding obvious. And a question for TIFF and Sundance - are qualifications like knowledge of film making, the history of film or theory of criticism to go by the boards if the reviewers are qualified by their ethnic and gender identity? Do you want the best reviewers available, or the best available reviewers?

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Yeah, we all know that one's genitalia and race are determining factors in movie critique...

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I wonder what well-off white males have to say on this?

Oh, wait...

One star. Predictable plotting and obvious hook.

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Study Finds Hollywood ran out of ideas, hiring loser millenials for garbage.

Only good stuff out there to watch is Mr Robot, it is free on Prime:


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there are so, and I mean SO many other topics of interest and concern to focus on, it is amazing how a few hypermotivated and narrow minded people with a crusade can ignore reality of what is important.

Sadly whatever the ethnic or gender of a critic is, has nothing to do with how good they are at their job.

as they say, nothing to see here just move along :)

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What % of JAPANESE is there in Hollywood? I do not mean Chinese or other Asians, aside from Ken Watanabe, the girl in Pacific Rim, handful of Indie type actors thats it, Pat Morita from Karate Kid died, there is two others that often play Yakuza/villain roles, that is about it.

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Why do Chinese and other south Asians have to depict Japanese 95% of the times?

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An over-emphasis on "diversity" necessitates accentuating and prioritizing skin color and gender ahead of everything else about people. That's why I think "diversity" is overrated.

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It found that 67.1 of the critics were male, 32.9 percent were female

Probably the same factor that determines why its mostly men who watch Youtube and comment on it. Men like to watch movies I guess and comment/critique them

23.2 percent were from minority groups while 76.8 percent were white.

Most of the English speaking world, which is Rotten Tomatoes domain, is still white, so the surprise is?

We should set-up a quota system that perfectly correlates to the exact ethnic breakdown in every majority English speaking country in the world. And then we need a committee to monitor it to make sure it stays in line with the exact breakdown and we should fire/ignore/deplatform anyone who dares contravene the new master plan.

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I would venture to guess that over 90% of any occupation is probably not truly representative of race / ethnicity or gender as a whole in that geography.

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