Superhero fatigue? Not for third 'Guardians' film


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To be fair the franchise can easily seen more as science fiction than about superheroes, that can explain why people still want to see the newest movie while other superhero films have been received less warmly.

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I don't usually watch those superhero movies.

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Too much CGI hurts my brain ... unless there is some fun. That's what Guardians provides - fun. It doesn't take itself too seriously.

Can't remember the last time we saw anything in a movie theater. Must be since 2018 and for most of the 2000s, it would be only 1 movie a year since we all have large TVs now. Being able to pause, take a break, start/stop the movie on our schedule and have our drinks, candy, popcorn the way we like it is a huge win for watching at home.

Plus, having a projector the last 15 (or so years), means we haven't given up on the huge screen experience and we don't have to deal with teens/kids running around, others coughing, cell phones ringing, or sitting next to people we'd rather not be near.

As for superhero movies ... they all seem to be remakes of the same story from 20 yrs ago, just with newer casts. Yawn. Eventually, we'll see all the Star Trek and Star Wars movies ... the Avenger series became ridiculous about 5 yrs ago. Not thrilled with what Disney pushes out either. Not enough grit. We want to see flawed characters ... like in "The Boys" or in "Watchmen".

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What word or term can I use that is 10 times stronger than "fatigue?" Exponentially fatigued?

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Talked with someone last night who saw it on Saturday, and she said she wants to go see it again.

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Too much CGI hurts your head? Are you one of those guys who shivers and pretends it's cold when it clearly isn't cold too?

The movie was a great send off to these Guardians. All the characters exist in other MCU stories. They will all be back in one way or another.

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I generally I only go to the movie theater 3-4 times a year. Took my wife and son to see it last night. It did not disappoint. A well done, if not a bit sentimental and sad, framed within another action packed film in this series.

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No thanks. While I'm sure it will be decent, I guarantee it'll just be "I am Groot! You are groot! WE are Groot!" etc. Anything Marvel does to try to please children and adults at the same time.

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