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Superman is coming back and this time with Batman


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There has been some confusion as to what the story will be... will it be Miller's "Dark Knight Returns"? Or a continuation of Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy? Whatever story they choose it must include Snyder and Nolan these 2 are now the premier Superhero movie makers in Hollywood and control the two best superhero characters.

Dark Knight is the pinnacle achievement of superhero movie-making and Man of Steel the best since.... Batman/Superman is going to be epic!

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More of the same.

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Will it be nipple batman?

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Superman has always seemsed a bit of a silly character to me. If he is indestructible (apart from kryptonite, which is also lame) , then what is the point of him?

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Batman and Superman finally together on the big screen! It's gonna be epic! I wonder who will play the role of Batman though... Christian Bale set the bar up pretty high.

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More movies from comic books! I have to admit though, I do like some of them.

Watched "Cloud Atlas" last night. Very hard to follow the first time around. The last time I saw a movie was this confusing was The Wall.

Checked out Tom Hanks IMDB page and he's got a couple of good movies in production. It's a habit now that when checking out the release date, I always scroll to the bottom of the page, and there it is, the last country on the list, Japan. LOL

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Let me guess...poor old superman gets kryptonite attacked and only batman can save him? The end.

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Superman and Batman vs Alien and Predator!

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I want the God damn batman!

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That's a bad idea. Batman is one of the few superheroes who may not be exactly realistic but is at least plausible, which makes him ideally suited for live-action movies, especially dramatic gritty ones. After all, he's just a normal guy who is skilled, intelligent and rich.

Superman on the other hand is a stereotype, he's intrinsically campy since he is so utterly powerful and almost invincible. That's why making relatable compelling plots with him is very difficult, and thus why Superman movies almost always disappoint, the few good ones played the camp up instead of going for a more realistic take. Personally, I find him quite boring, he's way too strong. Using kryptonite has been done way too often, most of his enemies are really no match for him and when you find enemies that are a match, the following conflict is on such a high scale that human stories get trampled and the story becomes boring.

The reality is that in a world where Superman exists, Batman doesn't need to exist. In comics and cartoons, you can suspend your disbelief a bit easier and allow for it, but in a live-action movie? Just no. That's why, as it relates to live-action movies, Batman continuity should be strictly segregated from the rest of the DC universe. The contradictions cannot coexist well inside a live-action movie.

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@Kchose which is exactly why the Miller Story "Dark Knight Returns" and the Ross/Waid "Kingdom Come" were such excellent comics; they dealt with stories that allowed for Superman's essentially godlike powers, Batman's anger and distrust and their roles in a human world.

The whole is meant to be escapist fantasy - that doesn't make it bad o any worse than romance, mystery or thriller.

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some people should watch the new Superman movie before passing judgement,Snyder and Nolan have done it justice. Nolan done the Dark Knight to a high standard and i do not think they will do an injustice to the characters .Kchoose nothing in superhero movies are meant to to be understood just enjoy them for what they are like Jaymann says escapist fantasy

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They should make a movie with the most popular DC universe heroes and villains! That'd be epic!

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